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Where Can I Surf?

Second Life is full of fun things to do but it can be challenging to know where to go and what to do.

Surfing is no different. There are at least 9 different board types, all with different controls, and over 60 surf beaches! Adventure seekers find the endless-challenges appealing.

Most surf beaches have multiple Surfboard Rezzers for you to try which board suits you. Find the rezzer and click it. When a surfboard appears, simply click on it and select the action: "surf"', "ride", "surfar". Use the arrow keys to move toward the waves . You will stand automatically (with most boards) once you collide with the actual wave.

The Surf SL website provides two different resources to help you get started. On the top of the site, you'll find hyperlinks for "Beaches" and "Surfboards and Waves".

The "Beaches" page provides an entire list of surfable beaches with links and rezzer information.

The "Surfboards and Waves" page shows you where to buy each board, what the rezzer looks like, and how to ride it.

Join the Surf SL Facebook Group for daily updates too!

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