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        Creator: Sean Martin (Inactive)

Contacts: Stoney Maloney (hagbard.hyx)

Denise Foxtrot

VSS Surfboards

Inworld Only



How to Surf the VSS Surfboard

1: Paddle by pressing forward and gain speed.
2: The paddle animation will change strides to indicate when you are traveling fast enough to stand and surf.
3: Double tap E (or Page Up) to stand and begin a surf run. While in surf mode you can perform tricks using the key combo system (see Advanced Control.)
4: You will eventually lose speed while standing in surf mode. You will be put back into paddle mode when enough speed is lost.

Waves, Water & Falling:
    You will not lose speed while holding W (Forward) on prim waves as you would happen in standard water. However if your speed is too slow when you exit a prim wave and transition back into SL water, then you may be put back into paddle mode instantly.
This may appear as a fall from spectator viewpoint. And in some competitions this may or may not be judged as such.

Sit & Prone Animation Toggle:
    Double tap C (or Page Down)
This will force a prone drop which puts you back into paddle mode. Even while surfing at high speeds or riding a prim wave.
It will also toggle sit animations but only when no movement is detected. For example while sitting still in a social situation.

Terrain and Prims:
    If the board is above standard terrain, and less than 2 meters above it, then it will go into a very limited 'scoot' mode. Scooting allows you to push back into the water without standing up or rezing another board. This is meant to prevent sand surfing in traditional terrain beach areas. It also allows easier socializing on a beach with your board.
The avatar animation will adapt a prone animation when the board lands on standard terrain, but your sit animation preference will be kept in memory for water.
    The board will see any prim that is 2 meters above the terrain as a wave. This is used for wave pools or water parks designed over land. Any prim on land that is below that 2 meter mark will be seen as terrain.

Key Combos:
    While in surf mode you may press up to 3 keys out of the 6 total control keys (w,s,a,d,e,c) at the same time.
This will make many key combinations and are used to perform tricks, control changes, and advanced moves to aid in personal style and skill with surf competition in mind. This 'key engine' is similar to the one found in Vetox Simboards for those who may be familiar with them. Only this version is crafted to suit the classic surf feel and help the community to define surf skill and style with their competitions.

Carve Types:
    Standard Carve- Use only left or right with no other key combinations.
    Short Carve / Snap- Press left or right while holding back key.
    Long Carve / Turn- Press left or right while holding forward key.
Carve Boost / Pump:
    Double Tap W (forward key) and hold.
This will give a small +1 to speed, rotation, and hold your avatar in a squat grab until W (forward) is released.
It can aid in performing 'carves' and a faster snap rotation by mixing in the E key (or page UP) as needed.
The grab animation will stay locked until the W key (forward) is released.
It is a move often performed before carving into a trick off the waves lip.
This will also give you the choice of sticking to it's grab animation for your trick by continuing to hold forward into the trick, or releasing quickly after the lip to perform the standard animations for your trick.

Contour Tilt:
    W+E (Hold W & tap E as needed.)
Tilts the nose up depending on how long you hold E(or Page Up). Tilting the nose up allows the board to follow sharper wave contours rather than get stuck in them.
When both keys are held it can also slide the board out and flip backwards.

Duck Dive:
    A&D+W (Hold Left & Right together then press Forward.)
This will do a 'duck dive' allowing you to pass prim waves or dive under objects.
The board turns non-physical and dives under water until you release W.
This can also be used to escape a wave if it pulls you under at the end of their cycle.

Wave Pools:
    This board is also designed for 3rd party wave pools and surf simulations. These devices are prim water waves with force effects simulating water current. For this purpose the board will ride prims over land only if they are placed at least 2 meters above the terrain.
    When rezing your VSS board on such devices, you will be placed in a sit position and may not be able to move. Simply double tap E, or Page Up key, to get into surf mode. You will not need to 'paddle out' for speed in this case.

    Changing the boards fin (skeg) amount will change turn rates and feeling of stability at different speeds. This is most notable on prim waves.
Less fins = faster turns and less drag.
More fins = slower turn rates with a smoother ride.

    The camera menu will have options for setting your camera pitch and follow values.
The RC cam can be toggled on and off with the same menu button. It will lock the camera in place while tracking you from a distance.
You can press M twice to set a new lock position for the RC camera. Once to go into mouse look, and then a second time to exit mouse look.
The camera will then be locked at your avatars current position.
You may also use this method if you get lost and can't find yourself from your RC camera. Alternatively you can keep the board menu up while using this camera mode.

Board Pos:
    This menu allows you to adjust your avatar sit and stand height.
You must stand up and resit on the board to see any changes done manually through the menu. This is because of a Second Life limitation that requires it.
The Auto button is activated the first time the surfboard is rezed by the owner. It will reset any manual adjustments and attempt to fit your avatar's sit position based on your avatar's size.
Extremely short, or mesh based, avatars will likely require manual adjustment.
Once adjustments have been made to your board, you can then take a copy to your inventory to save it. This new copy should be used as your primary rezzing board. This is true for any changes you wish to save.

    If another avatar sits on the board while your riding, then they will be placed behind you, holding on for dear life.
    You can boot them off with this button.


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