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ABC's of Surfing: Freestyle by Marinabay

Another Freestyle wave option is the one from Marinabay. Created in <year> the Freestyle by Marinabay is an "all purpose wave" according to Teddysnugglebear Littlepaws, owner of T'ai Surfing beach.

Dimensions: 64m

Features: 4 textures, 3 launchers on different channels, auto level, speed select

Price: 3500L inworld; 3800L marketplace

Where to Surf: T'ai Surfing

Where to Buy: Nazamur Surf Shop (3500L); Marketplace (3800L)

We asked Teddysnugglebear Littlepaws about her board preference while she surfed her collection of waves located just outside the T'ai Surf School. "I love X-3 on Freestyle wave, no question about that" Littlepaws told us.

But we invite you to see for yourself which board you prefer at T'ai Surfing. You can try the Freestyle by Marinabay as well as most of the other waves made by Marinabay at that location.

How to buy the Freestyle by Marinabay

Once you've decided on the Freestyle by Marinabay. You can head over to the Nazamur Surf Shop and purchase your very own. There is a landing point set so head East 3 buildings after you land.

You'll see a vendor to your right with a diorama and a model pupitre. Scroll through and find the Freestyle then pay the vendor. Or you can purchase it for 300L more in the marketplace store.

How to setup the Freestyle by Marinabay

The Freestyle by Marinabay is 64m wide. We recommend you give yourself plenty of water space on either side of the wave and room for a shoreline. We recommend at least 80m wide and a nice, 100m wave run.

Inside the "freestyle" box you will find 3 different wave sets. This allows you to set 3 waves side by side or at different times without them interfering with each other. This is what is meant by "3 launchers on different channels".

Each "set" box will have 3 things inside it:

  • Pupitre: Control panel

  • Rezzer: Where the wave rezzes

  • Stick: Where the wave derezzes

Place the rezzer out as far as you want in the ocean. Make sure the arrow points in the direction you want the wave to move. Next place the stick close to the shoreline or wherever you want the wave to derez or disappear.

Finally, choose your desired options on the pupitre. You can select texture, timing, and speed. Each pupitre will control its particular wave set only. This will allow you to rez out all 3 wave sets and have them move at different times and speeds, even different colors if you choose.

Don't forget to set out your adorable "welcome sign" located inside the original box!

If you have any questions about the Freestyle by Marinabay, you are free to contact the creator, Wave Salty at any time. He lives in France though, so please give him time to respond during his timezone.

Additionally, Teddysnugglebear Littlepaws of T'ai Surf School is also on hand in the evening hours to help you if needed.

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