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ABC's of Surfing: Friendship Bay

Explore and surf this "once exclusive island resort that has long since been shuttered, abandoned and left to slowly be reclaimed by nature" on the Eastern tip of the Elysion region. Dizzy Kiyori describes her vision of this picturesque sim perfectly. Join us as we tour Friendship Bay

Rezzers: Flow

Wave: Tahitis

Amenities: Elysion access, movie theater, bar, arcade, dining, TV room, campsites

Rating: Adult

Rentals: None

Rez Ability: Elysion Group Required (1700L)

Once you arrive on the docks, you instantly fall in love with your surroundings. Neon, flickering lights on the buildings ahead remind you there's still life on this forsaken island. "This is like the heart of shanty town here, a place to gather and dance or mill about" Kiyori tells us as we carefully walk through the dilapidated buildings. She tells us of its former glory as a vacation destination, "now it's this crumbling place just haunted and somewhat held together by tourists, adventurers, surfers and other lost souls"

Luckily, there's plenty of the aforementioned to keep this place alive. Unpack your surfboards and settle in to the amazing hostel located right in the center of town.

Then head over to the Tipsy Gypsy for a bite to eat. "The Tipsy Gypsy's kitchen serve the rest of the bay really just don't look inside and you can still enjoy the most tasty fish tacos in Elysion!" Kiyori laughs nervously.

If you're weary from your travel and not ready to hit the waves just yet, have some fun in the arcade or head up to the media room, "electricity is kind of spotty here but there's spots to come play video games or do my flick" Dizzy tells us.

We highly recommend you check out some of the amazing Flickr photos she does. She also posts many pictures in the Wander Gallery (just past the shoddy kitchen) above the Tipsy Gypsy.

Check out the Hedonist Group's Flickr for a ton of the local's antics, but check after you send the kids to bed because some of them are quite racy.

If you're eager to surf, don't wander up any stairs when you arrive. Just head straight through town to the waves. You'll need to be a member of the Elysion group to rez your own board but there is a Flow rezzer at the far east corner. Although, we highly recommend you walk around and get to know the rest of Friendship Bay.

We chose to take the long way around by heading up the stairs behind the Hostel. There's plenty of supplies and places to rest on your journey across the Old Market Bridge. "Lots of great food here," Kiyori tells us as she ushers us by, "just don't look too close as you enjoy it or ask too many questions". A newspaper stand will provide you plenty of reading materials, a questionable small cafe next to the fish stand, and a variety of meats grilling on an unattended fire. We opted for the fruit stand and a shot of tequila at the bar instead.

The final stop across the bridge perfectly showcases the surfing spirit of this place. The Endless Summer surf shop where Bai Kiyori shapes her stunning surf boards.

We've finally made it to the end with two amazing places to camp for the night or hit the waves! The Flow rezzer is down at the campsite to the left across the bridge.

Or head up the hill to stay at one of the prettiest, gypsiest camps we've ever seen! Dizzy Kiyori calls this her garden and informs us that every bit of her home is open to the public, including this secluded spot with working instruments! There's even a clothesline here to do your laundry because, let's face it, you won't want to leave this island any time soon.

So relax, find a place to camp, and enjoy surfing on these dual Tahitis with your own board (the Elysion group is hefty but very worth it) or use the classic Flow rezzer at the shore near the camp.

Before you leave, be sure to head back through Old Market Bridge to the Sea Hag theater. There's a movie every Wednesday and Friday night in this cozy building.

And an entire North Bay with hotels, a laundromat and more to explore.... but we'll leave that up to you. Be sure to take some time to explore one of the best sims we've experienced on this journey, with some of the nicest locals you'll ever meet.

"Nothing relaxes me like the sound of the waves, sea breezes, just reminds me of home so much" Dizzy Kiyori, owner of Friendship Bay.

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