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ABC's of Surfing: Freestyle Wave by Maoli

The Freestyle by Maoli Waves & Ramps was created in 2012 in response to multiple requests for a wave that would give more airtime to the surfer. At the time, the NextGen series was releasing due to new technologies like keyframing (created by Maoli) and mesh.

Before mesh, Maoli had a wave called the Nalu that was more of a trick wave. As the NextGen series came out, people began asking for Maoli to recreate the Nalu with the latest technologies, thus the Freestyle was born.

The Freestyle by Maoli Waves & Ramps is a timeless favorite among many surfers still today. You can surf just about any board on this wave but we recommend you try the C-3 or the HP5.

Before we launch into where to surf, where to buy, and how to setup we first need to point out there are two different sizes of the Freestyle by Maoli. There is a 64m Freestyle, perfect for smaller water areas and a larger 100m Freestyle. Each one is sold separately with its own boxed contents.

Freestyle 64m

Dimensions: 64m

Price: 9999L inworld (6500L for group members - contact Denise Foxtrot directly for membership)

Features: 7 textures, 3 Wave options for different channels, obstacle box with buoys, reefs, and rocks

Buy: Maoli Waves & Ramps (inworld)

Surf: Bluff Cove

Notice the difference in the size of the two waves shown on a full sim diorama (64m above, 100m below)

Freestyle 100m

Dimensions: 100m

Price: 12500L inworld and marketplace (8125L for group members - contact Denise Foxtrot directly)

Features: 7 textures, 3 Wave options for different channels, control HUD, surfboard rezzer

Buy: Maoli Waves & Ramps inworld and marketplace

Surf the difference at Bluff and Royal Bali Resort:

Freestyle 100 at the Royal Bali Resort

Freestyle 100 at Flex Surf Beach

Freestyle 64 at Bluff Cove

Where to Buy the Freestyle 64m and Freestyle 100m

Both waves are available at the Maoli Waves & Ramps store. Each of her products are separated into categories and little stores on her beach. Find the "waves" store and head inside. You'll see an amazing diorama like the one displayed above so you can see for yourself the differences in size. Then spin around to see the vendors.

Contact Denise Foxtrot directly for an invitation to her Maoli VIP group and you could receive a 35% discount on some waves! The Freestyle 100m is normally 12500L but its only 8125L for group members!

How to Setup a Maoli Wave:

The absolute first step to setting up any wave is terraforming. You must allow enough water space for wave entry from both sides and a space for a descending shoreline. Of course, if you're trying to build a seawall where the waves come directly to the wall, you're free to do that but keep in mind, most active surfers like a space to sit on their boards and talk to their friends that aren't in the water without an approaching wave sweeping them up.

Demonstration of surfer being able to rest without being hit by the approaching wave. (Clam wave shown)

The Freestyle 100 is 100m wide so we recommend you allow for at least a 120m wide waterway.

The Freestyle 64 is (yup, you guessed it) 64m wide so we recommend at least an 80m wide waterway.

The length from ocean to shore will depend on your preference, but remember size does matter! Surfers love a long wave run before having to paddle back out to grab their next wave. We always recommend between 80m to 100m at the minimum.

Now that you've terraformed your waterway properly... you're ready to set out your wave.

Open the box for your Freestyle wave. If its a Freestyle 100 it will be an updated version with an old version in the box. The Freestyle 64 has not been updated yet, but its on its way!

Inside the updated box, you'll see:

  • 3 Wave Rezzers: A, B, and C

  • 3 Markers: A, B, and C

  • A control HUD

  • MFS Surfboard Rezzer

  • Detailed Instructional Notecard

  • Old version of the wave

Inside the old box, you'll see:

  • 21 Wave Rezzers: A, B, and C (each with 7 different textures)

  • 3 Markers: A, B, and C

  • 2 Controllers: Group and Owner

  • Basic Obstacle Box

  • Detailed Instructional Notecard

To set up the wave is super simple. Place the wave rezzer of your choosing at the far end of the water where you want the wave to rez or appear. Make sure the arrow is pointing in the direction you want the wave to go. The A, B, and C waves will allow you to rez three different waves all at once without the controller affecting all 3 at the same time. This is what is meant by "different channels". It will allow you to have 3 different colors or waves moving at different times, if you choose.

Place the marker closest to the shoreline where you want the wave to derez or disappear.

Make sure both are set at 20m on the z- axis by editing each object and going under the "Object" tab.

If you have the updated wave out (only the Freestyle 100m is updated at this time), wear the Control HUD and press it once it appears on your screen. You will see four options:

  • Waves: Allows you to turn each wave (A, B, or C) on and off

  • Style: Choose from 7 different textures

  • Options: Hides or Shows the markers

  • All Done: Closes the HUD menu

If you have the old wave out, rez the control HUD and place anywhere you want within the sim. You can turn each wave (A, B, and C) on by selecting their corresponding letter then selecting the timing you want 40s, 60s, or 80s. Hide Markers and activate Obstacles by pressing the buttons on the top right of the control HUD.

Obstacles that come in the old wave boxes

We know this blog has read like an insanely complicated manual. Its unavoidable sometimes but we hope it helps you as you set up this, or really other Maoli waves, in the future. We highly recommend the Freestyle wave for your beach since its one of the more popular and versatile waves out there.

For additional or admittedly less complicated instructions, check out this amazing tutorial from Maoli herself: Youtube Link by Maoli Waves & Ramps

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