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How to Surf the LSD Surfboard

For ALL Surfboards:
RIGHT Click Surfboard and select "SURF TSU!" to Surf!
RIGHT CLICK the *MIDDLE* of board and select *MENU* to customize/configuration the surfboard

For Chameleon & Morphing Surfboards:
LEFT CLICK  *TIP* of board to change texture
LEFT CLICK *BOTTOM* of board to change board shape

For Tandem Surfboards:
Right click and sit on Seat/grom pad to surf on the back of the surfboard
Right click and sit  near front of surfboard to surf on front of the surfboard

Directional control:
Hold Up arrow or "w" = forward
Hold Down arrow or "s"= stop/lean back
Hold Right arrow or "d" = turn right
Hold Left arrow or "a" = turn left
Hold PgUp or "e" = lift front foot (and front of surfboard up)
Hold PgDn or "c" = push down on front foot ( front of surfboard down )

Hint on controls: The up arrow and PgUp are assoicated with your front foot. The down arrow and PgDown are associated with your back foot.  They work to simulate the vertical direction of your foot.  Up arrow pushes your front foot down, PgUp Lifts your front foot up.  Same goes for Down arrow and PgDown.

Carving: (applies only while on a wave)
To stay on wave:
hold PgDn or "c" while turning to perform 90 degree banking turns
tap or hold Down Arrow or "s" while turning left or right to quickly flip or change the surfboard's direction.
Hold Up Arrow or "w" while turning to make slight adjustments in surfboard direction.

Flying: (applies only while on a wave)
Hold up arrow and PgUp while you turn or drive into a vertical wave wall.

Hold "e" then quickly hold up arrow to grab the tail of the board and fly up and over a wave.

To come down from flying, hold "c" and down arrow or up arrow.
(up arrow will move you forwards while coming down, while down arrow will hold you in place more)

Other Hints:
Hold PgDn or "c"  along with Up arrow = underwater swimming (when not on wave)  and TWICE the speed forward and into the air (when on or off wave)

PgDn or "c" is basically like a "turbo mode" button which just does MORE of whatever you are doing if you want to turn sharper or move faster this is the KEY!

PgUp or "e" = tip front of board up, in "Manual" or "Tow-Surf" mode - Stand up on board
Hold PgUp or "e" on wave = 360 flip
Hold PgUp or "e" + DOWN Arrow or "s" on wave = Faster 360 flip
Hold PgUp/"e" with PgDn/"c" = one handed hand stand if on a wave or in standing up on board
Hold PgUp/"e" with UP Arrow = Tail Grab and Aerial Jump
Hold PgUp/"e" with DOWN Arrow = Sharp Backflip with board
Hold Shift + Right Arrow = Right super fast spin
Hold Shift + Left Arrow = Left super fast spin
Hold "c" + Right Arrow = lean sharp turn
Hold "c" + Left Arrow = crouched sharp turn
Hold UpArrow + Right+Left Arrow while coming off a wave = deep wide carve
Hold PgUp/"e" + Down arrow = Super fast 360 flip / rotation

To Float sideways or backwards, accelerate on the wave using "c" and up arrow/"w" then *let go* of the "up arrow" or "w" and turn left or right or hold shift to turn in the direction you want to face, and your board will continue to "slide" in the direction you were headed in.. ;)

When your board is vertical after holding "e" just long enough on the wave, you can immediately execute a "c" + left or right to spin the board around and point back down on to the wave.  It helps if you are a little MORE than 180 degrees turning around vertical so you land back on the front of the wave instead of the back and can keep going.

While in the air:
There is practically no friction in the air so if you are airbourne there is very little restriction as to what movements you may perform... Experiment, it is easy to get very high very fast, what you do while in the air is not subject to any restrictions....

Left Mouse Button: Connect/Release TOW Cable for TOW surfing.  To Connect to a tow surf vehicle, click the surfboard then click the tow surf vehicle's Tow Hook.

Other tips:

Everything else is about timing, speed, directional approach and ...*Custom Configuration* (see next section).  Remember the surfboard is a physical object and behaves accordingly - the faster the wave approaching you is, the faster the board will move.  Also the faster you approach a wave, the more "air" you'll


Instructions taken directly from product notecard

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