420 Surfin
420 Surfin

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80s Beach Resort
80s Beach Resort

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Turtle Cove
Turtle Cove

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420 Surfin
420 Surfin

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Second Life's Best Beaches

Ash Falls.png

Ash Falls

Kanaloa Beach.jpg

Kanaloa Beach

420 Surfin: C3 Broom ctoo; Maoli (kids & adult); HP5; UMI; Vetox REZZERS

Alpha Beach: C3; X3 Rezzers

Angel Beach: C3; HP5; UMI; X3 REZZERS

Ash Falls: C3; CTOO; Flow; LSD Rezzers

Asian Dreams: X3 Rezzer

Aussie Shores Newall Sands: C3; UMI Rezzers


Booty Bay: Sally Rezzer

Bounty Island: C3 and X3 REZZERS

Bumrose: C3 REZZER

Bundy Reef: c3; ctoo; Flow; hp5; lsd; Maoli; ssi, Vetox rezzers

Calypso Cove: c3; Maoli; X3 rezzer

Cann!bal Island: HP5 Rezzer (Appears on a timer with the wave)

Cape Sans Blas: HP5 AND NS REZZERS

Chaos Paradise: C3; NS Rezzer

Chi Beach: C3; SSi Rezzers

Chillville: C3; X3 Rezzers

Cohiba Cay:  c3 rezzer

Crescent Cove: C3; X3 Rezzers

Cuddles Bay: C3; Maoli MFS; Sally; X3 Rezzers

Elephant Beach: C3; Flow; SSI; UMI Rezzers

Eureka! Isle of Mystery!: C3 Rezzer

Flex Surf Beach: C3, LSD, Maoli NFS, X3

Friendship Bay: Flow Rezzer

Fruit Islands: No Rezzer

Grand HavenHP5 Rezzer

Hapuna Surf Beach:  C3; CTOO; Maoli; X-3 Rezzers

Honolua: C3; X3 Rezzers

Infused Raindrop Beach: C3; Maoli; X3 Rezzers

​Isla de Amores: C3; NS REZZERS

Isle du Noir: CTOO; Maoli; Maoli Kids; X3 Rezzers

Kanaloa Surf Beach: C3; CTOO; HP5; UMI; X3 Rezzers

Kapalua Island: C3; HP5; X3 Rezzers

Kilikobo Shores: C3; NS Rezzers

Kona Beach: C3, LSD, HP4; Maoli; X3 Rezzers

Lily Beach : SSi Rezzer

Lucid Dreaming: MAoli Rezzer - WIP

Manakai Reef Break: C3; X3 Rezzers

Maoli Waves & Ramps: C3; CTOO; DW; Flow; HP5; LSD; Maoli; UMI; SSi; Vetox; X3 Rezzers

Mystic Isle: Maoli Classic Rezzer

Nader's Den: C3; Maoli; Maoli (kids); X3 Rezzers

NanoGunk: Flow, Maoli; UMI; Vetox; X3 Rezzers

Nazamur: C3 Rezzer

North Falls: Maoli; NS Rezzers

North Seas: Sally Rezzer

Nymph Cove: C3; HP5; X3 REZZERS

Oahu Vacation Resort: NS Rezzers

One Love: Flow; LSD; HP5; NS; X3 Rezzers

Pacific West: NS Rezzer

Raglan Shire: Surfing Obstacle Course

Rainbow Reef: Group Rez

Reborn Beach: Maoli Classic; MFS; Sally Rezzers

RTMC: Maoli Rezzer

Sacred Candy: C3; HP5; Maoli; Sally; X3 Rezzers

San Carlo Nude Beach: C3 Rezzer

Secret Beach: C3; HP5 Rezzer

Sexy Nude Beach: C3; X3 Rezzers

Skateandsurf: C3; Maoli; TS1 (pre-release); UMI; X3 Rezzers

Sleepy Bay: NS Rezzer

Snug Harbor: Maoli Rezzer

Splash Surf: C3; CTOO; HP5; Maoli; Umi; X3 Rezzers

Solace Dreams: C3; HP5; LSD; SSi; X3 Rezzers

Su Casa Naturist: SSi Rezzer

Sunrise Surf Beach: C3; HP5; UMI, X3 Rezzers

Sunset Surf & Sex Resort: C3; UMI; M3; MFS; X3 Rezzers

Surf Sanctuary:  C3; X3 Rezzer

Surfer's Bay: C3; Flow; HP5; LSD; SSI; UMI; X3 Rezzer

Surfs Up Nude Beach: Maoli Rezzer

Surfside Hideaway: C3 Rezzer

T'ai Surfing: C3; Flow; HP5; LSD; Sally; SSi; X3 Rezzers

Tanivo Beach: C3; DW Eagle (SSi); DW Old School (SSi); LSD;  Rezzers

Teahupo'o: C3; HP5; Maoli; NS Swallow; NS Fish; x3 Rezzers

The Beach: HP5; LSD Rezzer

The Beach, The Shack: C3; CTOO; X3; Both Broom Rezzers

Tortuga Nude Beach: C3; Maoli; X3 Rezzers

Treeowatoor: C3; LSD; Maoli; UMI; X3 Rezzers

Villa Delacroix: C3 Rezzer

Witch's Rock Costa Rica: C3; Flow; HP5;  NS Rezzer

Women Only, A Womans Touch: C3 Rezzer



                 Please contact us if information needs to be updated or corrected

                                                                                 *Difficult beaches omitted*

Manakai Reef

Manakai Reef

Cape Sans.jpg

Cape Sans Blas