Second Life's Best Beaches

Ash Falls

Kanaloa Beach

420 Surfin: C3 Broom ctoo; Maoli (kids & adult); HP5; UMI; Vetox REZZERS

808: C3 Rezzer

(ATWF) Among the WildFlowers: NS Rezzer

Angel Beach: C3; HP5; UMI; X3 REZZERS

Ash Falls: C3; CTOO; Flow; LSD Rezzer

Asian Dreams: X3 Rezzer

Aquila: waves are currently disabled for remodeling


Bumrose: C3 REZZER

Bundy Reef: c3; ctoo; Flow; hp5; lsd; Maoli; ssi, Vetox rezzers

Calypso Cove: c3 rezzer

Cann!bal Island: NO REZZER

Cape Sans Blas: HP5 AND NS REZZER

Chaos Paradise: C3; NS Rezzer

Chi Beach: C3; SSi Rezzers

Cohiba Cay:  c3 rezzer

Cuddles Bay: C3; Maoli MFS; SALLY; X3 Rezzers

Dreamer's Island: c3 Rezzer

Friendship Bay: Flow Rezzer

Fruit Islands: No Rezzer

Grand HavenHP5 Rezzer

Hale'iwa at North Shore: offline temporarily

Hapuna Surf Beach:  C3; CTOO; Maoli; X-3 Rezzers

Hawaii Surfer Community: Maoli Rezzers - Closing April 10th

Huatulco National Park MX: c3; ctoo; lsd; SSi rezzers

Infused Raindrop Beach: C3; Maoli; X3 Rezzers

Isla de Amores: C3; NS REZZERS

Isle du Noir: CTOO; Maoli; Maoli Kids; X3 Rezzers

Kanaloa Surf Beach: C3; CTOO; HP5; UMI; X3 Rezzers

Kilikobo Shores: C3; NS Rezzers

Kona Beach: C3, LSD, HP4; Maoli; X3 Rezzers

Lazy Daze: C3; CTOO; DW; HP5; LSD; SSi REZZERS

LebensRaun: Maoli; NS; Sally; UMI X3 Rezzers

Lily Beach : SSi Rezzer

Manakai Reef Break: C3; X3 Rezzers

Maoli Waves & Ramps: C3; CTOO; DW; Flow; HP5; LSD; Maoli; UMI; SSi; Vetox; X3 Rezzers

Mni Wiconi: Rez Area

Mykonos Experience: No Rezzer

Naked Magic: Maoli; X3 Rezzer

Naked Harbor: C3; X3 Rezzers

NanoGunk: Flow, Maoli; UMI; Vetox; X3 Rezzers

Nazamur: C3 Rezzer

Neverland Kidzz: NS Rezzer

North Falls: Maoli; NS Rezzers

Nymph Cove: C3; HP5; X3 REZZERS

Ohana: LSD; Maoli Rezzers

Pacific West: NS Rezzer

Raglan Shire: Surfing Obstacle Course

Rainbow Reef: Group Rez

Riptide Surf: C3; CTOO; Maoli; X3 Rezzers

Sacred Candy: C3; HP5; Maoli; Sally; X3 Rezzers

Secret Beach: C3; HP5 Rezzer

Serenity's Haven: C3 Rezzer

Sleepy Bay: NS Rezzer

Snug Harbor: Maoli Rezzer

Sota Atoll: C3; Maoli; SSi; Vetox; X3 Rezzers

Splash Surf: C3; CTOO; HP5; Maoli; Umi; X3 Rezzers

Solace Dreams: C3; HP5; LSD; SSi; X3 Rezzers

Su Casa Naturist: SSi Rezzer

Sunrise Surf Beach: C3; HP5; UMI, X3 Rezzers

Surf & Schitt: C3; HP5; MAOLI; UMI; X3 Rezzers

Surf Sanctuary:  C3; X3 Rezzer

Surfer's Bay: C3; Flow; HP5; LSD; SSI; UMI; X3 Rezzer

Surfside Hideaway: C3 Rezzer


T'ai Surfing: C3; Flow; HP5; LSD; Sally; SSi; X3 Rezzers

Tamarindo Beach: C3; HP5; Maoli Rezzers

Tanivo Beach: C3; DW Eagle (SSi); DW Old School (SSi); LSD;  Rezzers

Teahupo'o: C3; HP5; Maoli; NS Swallow; NS Fish; x3 Rezzers

The Beach: HP5; LSD Rezzer

The Beach, The Shack: C3; CTOO; X3; Both Broom Rezzers

Tiki Tattoo: No Rezzer


Totem Beach: Reopening Soon!

Villa Delacroix: C3 Rezzer

W.T.M.: C3; C-too; LSD; Maoli;  x3 rezzers

Whymsee Beach Resort: Maoli; NS; UMI (bodyboard)


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                                                                                 *Difficult beaches omitted*

Manakai Reef

Cape Sans Blas