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"Someone who possesses a gypsy soul  is a person always in need of change and/or adventure. A gypsy soul seeks the next best thing in any life situation. Their sense of identity isn't always sure of what they want out of life but they are determined to find it."

        There is a growing number of travelers moving from sim to sim in an attempt to experience all of Second Life.

                                            We welcome anyone to join us anytime! All you have to do is find us!

                                                                         This week we're in Hawaii Surf!!

                                            For the next 7 days we'll camp in a gorgeous cave at Hawaii Surf Project!

                                           Hawaii Surf Project is the current location of the SLSA Surf Competition

                                                   It has much to explore, including an underwater cave!!

                                    There is a landing point, so make sure you find the teleporter and choose option 6

                                                                                      Scheduled Events:

                                                           April 23rd: Mav Sunsurf Sally Surf Competition

   Anyone is welcome to make their own events, just add it to the calendar! Send us your gmail account for edit rights!

                      We do TRY to keep the events at the sim we're staying at, since exploring that sim is the point,

                                  but sometimes activities are temporary and would be super fun to do as a group...

                                                                                 Photo Challenge: TBA



      Every week, Sheriff Stoney Maloney comes up with a new theme to help you explore the sim fully.


    There are no prizes for this, its just for fun and a nice way to say thank you to the sim owner for letting us stay there.


                                                         Add your photos on the Tribe of Gypsies Flickr page!

                                                                                          Group Photo:

                                      At the end of the week, we commemorate the time we've had with a group photo.

                                                             Group photos will take place every Saturday at 11am.

               Everyone who's camped for the week just jump on a pose ball for an epic scene that's been created for us! 

                                         Try to dress appropriately for the scene so it comes out consistent!


                                                        Add your photos on the Tribe of Gypsies Flickr Page!

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