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  Creator: Heather Goodliffe

    SSi (Surf Systems Inc.)

No Longer Available For Sale

How to Surf the SSi Surfboard

              You have to debug the board by hitting Page Up or E
Your avatar will wave and the board will bounce. Every so often the board will slow down so I recommend doing this before each wave.


     Bellying: When you get too much air or are off the wave, you will end up on your stomach.

Accelerate: Up Arrow or W

Stopping: Down Arrow  or S

Left: A or Left Arrow
Right: D or Right Arrow
Crouch: C or Page Down
Jump: E or Page Up

360: Turning out of the wave

Back Flip with the Board: Turning into the wave

Avatar Back Flip (while in the air): Down Arrow or Page Down
Avatar Back Flip (after jumping): E or Page Up (pgup/E).

                           Instructions Taken from Bodhi Lowtide during Surf Camp

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