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  Creator: Frankie Paige (tlaloc.beresford)

 [Umi]: Fish, Shortboard, Egg, Longboard, Asymmetrical Fish, Mini Simmons, Grom (Tiny Avatar), Bodyboards





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How to Surf the [UMI] Surfboard

Paddle Mode
duck dive = C
moving and turning = WSAD

Surfing Mode
Sharp Turn: Hold W + A or D
Sharp Turn that Slows You: Hold D + A or D
SPEED!: Hold W
Slow Down: Hold S
Helps Catch Air: Tapping W 

Hang Ten: E
Handstand: E + C
Method Grab: Shift + 

   (best used in air **clockwise rotation**)


Instructions taken directly from product notecards

How to Surf the UMIni

(Surfboard for Kids)


                                                   Paddle Mode
                                            C or PrDn = duck dive
x                                     WSAD or Arrow Keys = moving/turning

                                                    Surfing Mode

                                         Hold W = SPEED! (Up Arrow)

                                         Hold S = slow down (Down Arrow)

                                        Hold E = Toe stretch (Hold PgUp)


Hold W + A or D = sharp turn (Up + Left or Right)
Hold D + A or D = sharp turn that slows you (Down + Left or Right)

Tapping W = helps catch air (Tapping Up Arrow)
Hold C + A or D = Flip/Twist (PgDn + Left or Right)

Hold E + C = handstand (Hold PgUp + PgDn)
Shift + D = method grab (best used in air **clockwise rotation**) (Shift + Right Arrow)

- Holding C/PgDn will automatically flip/twist you so it can be a bit unnatural if done while just riding. Try to use it when catching air or turning out off a wave.
- Holding A/D or Left/Right and tapping W/Up Arrow will power you through into a tight turn
- You have about 3 seconds from the time you leave the wave until you switch back to paddle mode.

Instructions taken directly from product notecards

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