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        Creator: Denise Foxtrot

     Maoli Surfboard, Maoli Waves





How to Surf the Maoli Surfboards

                                The Advanced Maoli Board: "The Sally"

The Maoli Surfboard is not only a fully functional surfboard that rides most surfable waves in the grid , it also brings its own wave ! If you have water and rezzing is allowed all you need to surf is that surfboard. it will just rezz a wave behind you from the menu and it will carry you over the ocean. Your friends can ride the wave with their surfboards too of course , its not limited to the Maoli Surfboard. Surfboards from SSI , HP , the Shack , LSD , Flow and UMI are fully compatible.

In paddlemode :
W A S D : moving

W : You  do not need to keep W pressed

E : calls up the sit adjust menu

C : duck dive

In Surfmode :
C : lifts the nose/jumps
E+S : Backflip
E+W : Frontflip
E+A : Roll left
E+D : Roll right                    


                   The Normal Maoli Board


In paddlemode :
W A S D : moving

W : You  do not need to keep W pressed
E : calls up the sit adjust menu
C : duck dive ( to reduce the danger of getting stuck under a wave it has a little boost added)

In Surfmode :
A + D : turn left / right
S : puts the weight back to the tail
W - tapped : tap w to pump speed
W - held : keep W held to move you weight more to the nose
C : lifts the nose
E : lifts the nose while moving the weight far back

moving the weight will have a influence on the turn radius and turnspeed , also on the balance of the board will feel it while you surf ;)

Scripted tricks do not exist but using combinations of different key features and the physics you can surely do some tricks. Let me give you just one simple example of an aerial : tap W multiple times till you have enough speed ...then you lift the nose with C and instantly push w again...dont be scared sounds more difficult than it is...its all about flow and timing (if you're fast you can, for example, add e+a while you're in the air to combine it to a 360 aerial)

The Sally.png


Fitting the perfect wave to your land

The absolute minimum space you should have for waves is 100x100. You must account for paddling out and left/right entries and exits to the wave.


If you have any questions or need help fitting a wave to your land, please contact Denise Foxtrot inworld. Leave her a notecard and she will usually get back to you within 24 hours but please be patient. She loves to help, she's just not always available immediately.

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ripples box.png
kaiju box.png
whopper box pexture.png
Sylt ad.png
Stormchaser box texture.png
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Try out the wave testing area at

         Maoli Waves & Ramps

Wave Pools

Wood Design


Cement Design

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