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Triple Crown Second Competition Results are in!

Congratulations to all the surfers that made it to the second round of the Triple Crown Series last Saturday! You were all so amazing to watch.

Sadly, a few will be eliminated this round but you should be so proud you made it this far!

Join us next month, as we watch the final ten surf their hearts out to be crowned the Triple Crown Master!

Heat 1

KrisMarley 18.07

Moonie Kismet 13.25

Andin Kismet 13.00

Alexia Falconer 10.83

Qambar 0 NS

Heat 2

Mina Ancio 16.75

Mimi Darling Fenmore 0 NS

LouLouJaine Resident 0 NS

Solsty Kismet 17.33

Bodhi Lowtide 18.08

Heat 3

Harla 16.50

Shilow Carter 11.0

Ilaria 13.50

Richie Marley 17.75

Duke Durven 11.83


1st Solsty 18.58

2nd Kris 18.33

3rd Richie 18.17

4th Bodhi 17.50

5th Mina 16.58

6th Harla 16.50

7th Ilaria 13.50

8th Moonie 13.25

9th Andin 13.00

10th Duke 11.83

11th Shilow 11.00

12th Alexia 10.83

Next Board: HP5 by HP Surf Systems

Next Beach: Cielo with spectators on Bundy Reef

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