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The Triple Crown Series

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The Triple Crown is a three month surfing competition series. Five surfers will be eliminated each month until the final five battle for the Championship Title.

Surfers will be challenged to master three different boards over three months, with one month in between to prepare. The following dates are subject to change but will give you an idea of how it will work

▷ April 18th @ 12pm SLT: "The Sally" surfboard by Maoli Waves & Ramps

▷ May 16th @ 12pm SLT: "C-3" surfboard by The Shack

▷ June 20th @ 12pm SLT: "HP5" by High Performance Surf Systems

Registration will begin April 3rd at Cohiba Cay

The first 20 surfers to register will compete in the Triple Crown. Five surfers will be eliminated in the April 18th round. The winner of the first round will be given an automatic spot in the Final Round in June.

On May 16th, the remaining 14 surfers will compete to see who will make it to the Final Round in June. Five more surfers will be eliminated in May.

In June, 10 surfers will compete for the Final Round of the Triple Crown. There will be a final consisting of the Top 5 surfers left to determine who will be the Champion of the Triple Crown series. Prizes will be announced soon.

All the rules and regulations will be posted on the Surf SL website under the "Triple Crown Series" hyperlink. We've stuck with the general format of the SLSA for two reasons: Its done really well and it will be best for surfers trying to compete in all the competitions this season. (Also check out Hummingbird Point's Surf Challenge Series coming in May!)

There are plenty of ways for you to be involved. Obviously, you can register and compete in the Triple Crown, but there's tons of behind-the-scenes opportunities. We'll need judges and merchandise, which we are exchanging for advertising abilities. All "sponsors" are actually Contributors who have helped us make this happen in some way.

If you have questions or want to help out, contact the following people inworld: Kris Marley, Richie Marley, Solsty Kismet.

There will be rezzers but all surfboards are available for sale here:

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