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The new Maoli surfboard "Sally" is out!

Have you ever wanted to surf but the sim did not have waves ?

You looked sad over the water and thought. "well, it would have been nice... but nothing I can do". These times are over now !

The Maoli Surfboard is not only a fully functional surfboard that rides most surfable waves in the grid, it also brings its own wave!

If you have water (and rezzing is allowed) all you need to surf is the new Sally surfboard. It will rez a wave behind you from the menu and carry you over the ocean!

Your friends can ride the wave with their surfboards too of course , its not limited to the Maoli Surfboard. Surfboards from SSI , HP , the Shack , LSD , Flow and UMI are fully compatible.

The Surfboard also comes with 31 included designs that are changeable from the menu . If those textures aren't your taste you also can apply self designed textures to it . Just click the apply button in the texture menu and enter the UUID of your texture into the textbox. A texture guide is of course included.

The Sally surfboard controls won't be too confusing. If you've surfed in SL before , you should pick it up really fast!

Check out the "Surfboards and Waves" link in the Surf SL website.

The "Sally" is for sale at Maoli Waves and Ramps for 1200L :

Rezzers will replace the Maoli rezzers soon. If you purchase a Maoli rezzer, you will be receiving an update soon that will include the new "Sally" board without wave and texture feature!

Photos by Leanne Mordue. Surfer is Kris Marley.

Blog written by Denise Foxtrot of Maoli Waves & Ramps

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