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The ABC's of Surfing

Surf SL is pleased to present its newest project "The ABC's of Surfing".

A few times a week we'll post a new piece of information related to surfing that brings the reader back to the fundamentals of surfing in Second Life. We'll be going in alphabetical order teaching you all about boards, waves, stores, anything and everything we can think of that might help you navigate the wonderful world of surfing.

How it will work:

- If its a product, we'll show you where to go to buy it, demo it, or whatever is appropriate!

- If its a beach, we'll send you there to check it out, grab a postcard as a memento and sometimes even offer you staged photo opportunities!

- If its an event, you'll get all the latest details on how to participate in that event!

(I'm sure you're getting the idea)

We're excited to invite you on this journey and hope to offer you the absolute best in surfing information. We've been doing it for years now and truly love it! Anyone that says they can't find information, just wasn't looking!

We'll begin with numbers (don't worry its not mathy.. too much) by showing you some waves and beaches that named themselves after numbers!

We're excited to ride this wave of information with you!

Remember, we're all humans (or elves) and sometimes we make mistakes or miss things or don't really know how to present certain things. To overcome this, we'll periodically be posting "what we've missed" or "honorable mentions" to add somethings we might've overlooked. So let us know if we missed something and we'll add it as soon as we can!

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