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Surf Lesson Today at Cohiba Cay

Another surf lesson will be offered today at 2pm SLT in honor of the Triple Crown Competition Series starting in April.

The first surfboard during the competition is the "Sally" created by Denise Foxtrot of Maoli Waves and Ramps. Instructor and Triple Crown organizer, Richie M. Di Vaio will be available at Cohiba Cay to teach the basics of this brand new board (released in February).

Surf SL chose the Sally board as the first surfboard because it's so new and everyone active in surfing is learning it at the same time. It is the perfect opportunity to start everyone at the same level.

There will be multiple lessons and practice sessions to prepare everyone for the Triple Crown, which will eliminate 5 surfers every month until only 5 finalists remain.

Surfboards will be provided to anyone that attends this free lesson today at Cohiba Cay. All ages and species are welcome to attend.

Sally Surf Lesson: March 31, 2020 @ 2pm SLT

Purchase the Sally at Maoli Waves & Ramps

Competition Registration is April 3rd at Cohiba Cay

Competition One will be at Cohiba Cay, April 18th @ 12pm SLT

More details about the Triple Crown can be found on the Surf SL website.

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