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SLSA Sheworthy C3 Pro Surf Competition Results

Sheworthy Pub C-3 Leap Day Surfing Results

1st Place our beloved Moira with a score of 15.50 2nd place is Bodhi Lowtide with a score of 15.25 3rd place is Teddy Bear with a score of 14.92 4th place is Jacomo Bingyi with a score of 13.75 5th place is Aquadoc with a score of 13.25 6th place is Cameron with a score of 12.67

The Sheworthy Pub C-3 Leap Day Surfing competition was governed by SLSA.

The Pro Surfing Competition was held at Solace Dreams

Second Life surfers competed on Maoli Tahiti Waves

Spectator Stands was located at neighboring Solace Beach

Written by Teddy Bear, Originally posted on Facebook

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