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Scores for the Expression Session Surf Competition_November 2019

EXPRESSION SESSION SURF COMPETITION held @ OHANA SURF SL Great Champion KRIS MARLEY Andin Kismet did get really close Richie Marley came from qualifying with the best score, in the end felt a strong LAG, but still managed to hold 3rd. BODHI was consistent as always but the judges didn't give him all the point he needed this time and he held a solid fourth place. Mila just overcame Mina, not for the overall technique but due to her boldness in getting out of the confort zone and risking aerial maneuvers, boldness was a major criteria used by the judges in tiebreaker. Was a great dispute, and very tight. The judges were focused on Freestyle surfing, the wave had a secondary role, they were searching for the surfer that would go beyond the confort zone and try his best in showing off inspiring maneuvers to awe the crowd down the beach, exploring the shore break as a much as possible, making use of the three sets of waves available.

We thank all the participants, praise the finalists and cheer the runner ups for joining and making this such a fun and enjoyable event

Final results follows

# Score Surfer 1st: 8.87 Kris Marley 2nd: 8.83 Andin Kismet (andincrowe) 3rd: 8.53 Richie Marley Di Vaio 4th: 8.33 Bodhi Lowtide 5th: 8.03 Mila ObiWan (Myllamf) 6th: 7.87 Mina Ancio (bryn91) 7th: 6.90 ily (ilariamonzon) 8th: 6.07 Taiko Silversmith 9th: 5.67 Franc Surfista (franc4321) 10th: 4.17 Filiponga ObiTwo (filiponga resident)

*Text taken from Jacomo Bingyi (Jacomo Bingyi) on Facebook

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