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New Surf Gacha from Maoli Waves and Ramps

Maoli Waves and Ramps has released 3 new gacha machines in their store. Partons can now test their luck on lawn chairs, a surf garage, or your very own Sally Lite!

The Sally surfboard is the newest release from Maoli. It features sophisticated animations and tricks perfect for the new or experienced surfer. The original Sally is 1200L and comes complete with multiple texture options you can change with the click of a button and its very own rezzable Maoli wave you and your friends can ride.

The gacha machine offers the Sally Lite. It is a fully working Sally board without the features of texture change and wave rezzing. Its the perfect way to test out the board for only 99L. You might even get lucky and get the rare!

Gacha Machines Available at the Maoli Waves and Ramps Entrance.

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