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Kanaloa Beach Surf Sim

When thinking about what SL surfing should be, one needs look no further than Kanaloa Beach and its owner, Wataru Shore.

Kanaloa Beach has just enough activity to keep you entertained if you're not here for surfing, without lagging you out if you want the perfect Tahiti ride. There are a few stores sprinkled along the shorelines where you can purchase a C3 or UMI surfboard, an Info Hut of surfing information, and various other community building vendors, perfectly encapsulating what the community should be.

There is a rez zone so you can bring your own board or use one of the many rezzers available to you: C3, C-TOO, UMI, and X3!

We highly recommend you visit Kanaloa Beach today! And TP up to the amazing Yard Sale for great buys on all those hard-to-get gachas while you're here.

Photos by Leanne Mordue

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