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Island of Lono Surf Haven

The stunning Island of Lono is a relatively new beach with a multiple wave setup. "It's all based on North Shore in Hawai'i. But we do have windward and leeward sides. It's adult based for people to chill or whatever, like it was at Perdida. So far, it's been a great crowd. Good vibes. Also music from the islands, too. On the windward side, it's a fun, constant area of multi rezzers. The leeward side is for more advanced surfers as the waves are challenging." Bliss Petrichor (blissfulpetrichor):

The sim is open rez, allowing you to bring your own board or throw out some poseballs for their upcoming Flickr Photo Contests. Also, stay tuned for an exciting "Lei Day" party planned May 1st!

Island of Lono is Adult, so leave those Groms with the sitter and spend the day in the virtual sun. Photos by Leanne Mordue

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