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HummingBird Point Surf Beach

HummingBird Point is the perfect surf playground. Tons of waves and surfboards to choose from, with breaks spanning the entire length of the sim.

Follow the path down to the shore to find every rezzer you can think of: C3; CTOO; Flow; HP5; LSD; NS; UMI; X3 all in the same spot!

Stop by the clubhouse to relax and watch the waves. Once you're in love completely, check out any available rentals owner Shilow Carter might have available. Each plot of land is designed perfectly to give you an ocean view and privacy without feeling desolate.

In addition to being a stunning sim, HummingBird Point also hosts its very won surf competitions. The Bird Surf Challenges travel to different locations, exposing surfers and beaches to the benefits of homestead competitions. It's a super exciting surfer vs surfer elimination challenge.

The next Bird Surf Challenge is on May 2nd at HummingBird Point, to celebrate their two year birthday! Information can be found in the Bird Surf Challenge Information Board at the entrance.

There will be two orientations to get you prepared to compete in the Bird Surf Challenge:

April 15th @ 3pm SLT

April 29th @ 3pm SLT

Visit the exciting tropical island of HummingBird Point right now!

Photos by Leanne Mordue

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