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Grom Scout Meeting Today

The Grom Scouts of SL is a group for child avatars to learn and practice surfing together in a safe and welcoming environment. Some of Second Life's top surfers often volunteer their time to surf with the kids too!

Today the Grom Scouts are traveling to Honah Lee Wave. Little surfers will paddle out and surf the waves to earn the Honah Badge to go on their display surfboard.

Twice a year, the Grom Scouts have a ceremony where they receive a surfable C-TOO board with all their earned badges, made custom by The Shack.

All ages and species are welcome. This is a PG event. Everything is free, surfboards can be supplied.

Grom Scouts is offering concurrent meetings to allow different timezones. Groms can arrive at 10am or 11am and still get a full meeting.

Meeting: March 29th @ 10am or 11am SLT

Photo by Alexia Falconer

Photo by Andin Kismet

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