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ABC's of Surfing: The Biarritz Wave by Marina Bay

Marina Bay has been making awesome beach decor for years and has recently taken the wave game by storm. Today we'll talk a little about one of their newer waves, the Biarritz.

The Biarritz is named after a surf spot in France near the creator's home town. "Biarritz is a french surf place, not the best of course, but I'm french , so....I already been at Biarritz and surfed for RL. French waves are simple , large , and 3m high [so] I made 2 levels in this wave , not very natural , but fun to ride" Wave Salty, creator of the Biarritz told Surf SL.

Marina Bay waves focus more on the fun of surfing in Second Life rather than the realism. He enjoys the freedom of being in a virtual world and being able to step outside of the confines of naturalism.

A benefit to the Biarritz is its options. You can change the speed of the waves to space them out nicely. The rezzer, in the form of a decorative pupitre offers a wide variety of options.

"If you have 90% of a sim you can run at 3m/s to have 30 s of surf, if you have 50% of a sim you can run it at 1.5m/s to have the same time of surf but under 64m of run zone its reasonable , the wave run 20 seconds at the minimal speed" -Wave Salty

The minimum conditions a beach owner should have is at least a 1/2 sim with 1/4 of it being water. Anything less than 64m is not recommended by the creator.

When you purchase the Biarritz for 7500L inworld or 8000L on marketplace it will come with 3 different rezzers all operating on different channels so you can have all 3 running at the same time without interference. They will initially take 60 seconds to rez then you can change the speeds to 60 seconds, 80 seconds, or 100 seconds.

The Biarritz only comes with one texture but its been designed to blend with the default Second Life water perfectly. As a side note, any Marina Bay wave that's 64m large has 4 different texture options, but the Biarritz is too large for that option.

One great feature is the auto-adjustment of the wave. You do not have to align it perfectly with the water level, the default option will do it automatically for you.

The Biarritz is 16 prims with 1 prim for the pupitre rezzer. You should be able to set the rezzer to group controlled but there is no option inside the rezzer itself to allow for any operator other than the owner of the wave.

As mentioned before, you can purchase the Biarritz wave at the Nazamur Surf Beach shop for 7500L or buy it directly on Marketplace for 10% (8000L) more to counter the LL fee.

Rezzer: Pupitre 1Li, Owner Operated Only.

Features: 100m long. Rezzing times 60, 80, 100 seconds

Price: 7500L inworld; 8000L on marketplace

Slurl to purchase: Nazamur Surf Beach Shop (two shops from the landing spot)

Slurl to surf it: T'ai Surfing

If you want to be part of the evolution of surfing, be sure to head over to Nazamur and test out his beta wave "Mermaid's Kiss". Its similar to the Camel by Marina Bay but with double the humps forming the shape of lips

The Biarritz Wave Advertisement. 7500L inworld or 8000L on marketplace

Look for the vendor inworld and see a diorama of what the wave will look like on your parcel.

An example of a Marina Bay Pupitre Rezzer. The Biarritz will be slightly different since it only comes with 1 texture

Surf the Biarritz (and other Marina Bay waves) at T'ai Surfing. Look out for this pattern to spot the Biarritz!

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