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ABC's of Surfing: The 808

Be prepared because this sim isn't predominately surfing but we'd be remiss if we didn't show you this super cool opportunity to canal surf!

So if The 808 isn't a surf sim, then what is it? We're so glad you asked! The 808 is a futuristic city that focuses primarily on the night life in SL. Their mission is " to promote those dedicated to mastering their craft and provide the absolute best DJ's on SL a place to practice as well as perform in a positive and welcoming atmosphere." - Energy Moretti Trisk

The EDM club bursts with neon and strobes everywhere.. but if you head to the back of the sim, you can see the jewel of the canal. A fun NextGen Freestyle 100 wave and C3 rezzer await your surf adventure.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Well then get over there.... do some dancing, sign up to DJ one of their events, and get your canal surfing on!

Slurl to The 808

Wave: NextGen Freestyle 100

Surfboard Rezzer: C3 by Shack

Amenities: Multiple vendors for a ton of events

Rentals: None.

Rating: Moderate

The surf canal at The 808

Enchanting underwater area

Surfers take a night off to dance at The 808

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