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ABC's of Surfing: Florida Fluffs

Experience surfing like Kelly Slater with the Florida Fluffs. Feel the sensation of the smaller waves Slater grew up on, with the benefit of more consistency in Second Life.

Created in 2013, the Florida Fluffs are a completely different wave than the Fluffy Fun you just learned about. The Fluffy Fun was totally phantom and required the board to detect the wave. Whereas the Florida Fluffs is a physical wave you can surf on.

The Florida Fluffs are designed to feel like the typical 3 foot wave you'd experience on a Florida coast. They work great with almost every board but we found smaller boards with sharper turns work the best, like Sally, Vetox, HP5, or LSD. If you're really great at C3 or NS it works just as great.

Dimensions: 44.6m long

Features: 5 different textures, obstacles included

Price: 6500L

Where to Surf: Isla de Amores or SimboardSportsworld

Where to Buy: By Request Only

Try out these waves at Isla de Amores (C3 and NS rezzer) or at the Simboarding Sportsworld (Sally, Vetox, HP5, and LSD Rezzer) beaches to decide if this is the wave for you. Or for all you serious surfers that are just determined to surf every swell. [Speaking of Swell, stay tuned for a later post where Maoli tells us all about how she created the Maoli Swell as a larger version of the Florida Fluff]

Florida Fluffs at Isla de Amores. 100L group fee to enter

Florida Fluffs at Simboard Sportsworld

How to Buy:

Denise Foxtrot of Maoli Waves & Ramps has removed these waves from the vendors but they are still available for purchase if you contact her directly. Cost is 6500L but comes with a ton of stuff.

How to Set Up the Florida Fluffs:

Once you purchase them, you will find many things inside the box:

  • 2 controllers: Group rights or Owner Rights

  • 5 differently textured left side waves

  • 5 differently textured right side waves

  • 2 different markers: left and right

  • Information notecard on how to setup

  • Obstacle Box

You will need to terraform your land properly first. The width of your water should be at least 60m wide (absolute minimum) with a healthy run of 80m in length. Giving your surfers the ability to enter the waves from either side as well as a spot to rest on their board, near the shore, without the wave catching them and sweeping them away.

Remember, the longer the surf run, the happier people will be to surf.

After everything is terraformed, choose which texture you want to use for your waves. There are 5 different options in the Florida Fluffy box.

Place the Rezzer (left or right) at the far end of the water where you want the wave to start. Make sure the arrow is facing the direction you want the Florida Fluff to head.

Then rez the corresponding Marker (left or right) closer to the shore, where you want the wave to end.

Make sure both are set to 20m on Z axis in the edit screen

Rez the Controller (group or owner controlled) anywhere. Most people place it underwater beneath the wave rezzer but it can really be placed anywhere within the same sim.

You will see 4 buttons on the controller: Left, Right, Markers, and Obstacles:

  • Left: Turns the left wave on and off

  • Right: Turns the right wave on and off

  • Markers: Makes the markers in the water invisible or visible

  • Obstacles: Makes the obstacles phantom or solid

The Obstacles come in a separate box and include 2 reef parts , 3 rocks, and a red and a green buoy. Those obstacles are solid but you can turn them phantom on the controller too if you run a normal wave that cant handle solid obstacles. If its *active* it will also cause wipe out on HP boards so rocks in the way will get a more difficult thing than ever before. - taken directly from the notecard inside the box.

We hope you feel more educated on the Florida Fluffs now and are anxious to try them and potentially buy them. They are a favorite among many surfers and perfect for beach owners that want some more variety to their wave sets. "They're small and speed bumps" Denise Foxtrot jokes, "you run them between the big waves".

Florida Fluffs shown in front of the Clam wave at Simboard Sportsworld

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