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ABC's of Surfing: Flex Surf Beach

Surfing and Fitness come together perfectly at Flex Surf Beach! Badb Catha has two major passions in Second Life, working out and hitting the waves and she's married them harmoniously at her sim, Flex Surf Beach.

Rezzers: C3, LSD, Maoli MFS, X3

Wave: Freestyle 100 by Maoli

Rating: Adult, no kids allowed

Rentals: Yes

Amenities: 2 Gyms, Kite surfing, Dragon rides, hang gliding, jetski, juice bar, massage table, pool

Rez Option: Rez area

You'll find two gyms located on Flex Surf Beach. One is perfect for Roleplaying and "cater to those with kinky taste" Badb Catha laughs as she shows us inside the smaller gym located inside the shaded building. But the main workout center is located right at the landing spot of the beach.

To be the best surfer possible, its imperative to work on core and upper body strength and Bella's Club Muscle Gym is perfect for that! It works on the SML HUD system requiring you to start off on the beginner workout equipment indicated in white and work your way up slowly to the red machines. "You progress with strength and stamina." Catha tells us "You gain strength that enable you to train bigger weights. Eventually you progress to those big red power machines."

The machines also work with the Dev Muscle Dream Girl bodies and just like surfers, the bodybuilding community also holds competitions a few times a year.

"It's so good to surf after a hard training" Frédéric, a fellow bodybuilder explains while finishing up his workout and preparing to surf on the 2 Freestyle waves that overlook the gym. If you're interested in pursuing more fitness options to improve your surfing, there are pioneer spotters at the gym that can help you build muscle faster by spotting you during your workout. You can even take supplements to increase strength and stamina!

Once you've fatigued your muscles at the gym and waves, be sure to have a little fun at the off-sim-capable jetskis on the other side of the beach. "With this jetski you can go 3 regions beyond the sim limit"

Badb Catha informs us during the tour, "it is safe if you hop off outside the sim limit you be tp back"

There are also a ton of hidden spots for you to explore around the island. Plenty of naughty little places to cuddle complete with a weather system that goes off on the weekends. You can hear the rain fall on the tin roof of the rental cottages. There are only a few cottages to rent on Flex Surf Beach because the owners are committed to keeping the sim as lag free as possible for the best surf experience.

Beach Cottages for rent at Flex Surf Beach 300L for 150 prim

Residents of Flex Surf Beach can enjoy endless hours of entertainment riding the dragons, swimming the water with realistic swim balls, and a couples hang glider that's perfect for soaring high above the surfers. Of course, visitors are welcome to enjoy all the amenities also at any given time.

Badb Catha's primary source of income comes from her muscle skin company also named Flex, but she likes offering rentals for those to enjoy the beach and gym full time. There's even a few places you can go for privacy like the hidden caves and drive-anywhere raft located near the cottages.

You can find Flex Surf Beach in the Destination Guide or by grabbing this SLurl. We highly recommend you explore this wonderful place, try the exercise equipment and get to know some of the people that make this a wonderful location to visit. Badb Catha even spends her free time over at Helping Haven Gateway, volunteering her knowledge to newcomers of Second Life "I think its important to help SL survive as long as possible" she explains, " Only when newcomers come and stay SL can grow stronger".

That's a goal we can all get behind!

Check out more of Badb Catha's photos here.

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