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ABC's of Surfing: Epic and Epic Lite

The Epic and Epic Lite waves are near obsolete now. But after talking to a few members of Surf Royalty, we decided this absolutely needed to be included.

We need to say two things before we continue. We are not surf royalty and we were not there when this existed. We will do our very best to give you the most accurate information about these two waves based on discussions with Sally LaSalle and Denise Foxtrot. Any misunderstandings or misinformation is done innocently. Our only intention is to include some of the waves that shaped surfing today and not to offend any one who holds deep nostalgia toward these products.

The Epic wave was created by Heather Goodliffe and later continued by Sebastian Saramago of Surf Systems, Inc. The company we now know as SSi today.

The SSi waves were amazing for their time but they were huge and physical. "[They] used physical force to move them so they were much more burden on the sim as they caused physics collision events and that was a load on the sims" Sally LaSalle tells us "because they are a bunch of separate physical objects that are constantly colliding with each other and the surfer".

Maoli would eventually go on to create keyframe motion to reduce the resource drain on the sim. Sally LaSalle took Denise's discovery and created the Epic Lite with the new technology.

The Epic Lite is as big as the original but now a lot less laggy. And the best part for all of us is Sally offers the Epic Lite for free to anyone that wants it. You can grab a copy in the Bundy Reef Rental Office. The original Epic was around 40,000L to buy so we're super lucky to have its affordable clone.

We are also rezzing the Epic Lite at Solace Dreams for anyone to experience it for themselves. And we're in the process of setting up a "Magical History Tour" where we'll take you on a journey to some of the oldest sims where you can try out the waves of the past!

Please remember when trying these things.. they're not the pretty waves we see today. The Epic Lite was made intentionally unattractive. "Its is 'spartan' in the sense that it isnt super duper pretty, this is deliberate so as not to spoil the wave market for commercial wave vendors" Sally LaSalle writes in her notecard.

Easy to Set up

1. Rez the Epic Lite Marker where you want the wave to stop. Click the marker after you move it.

2. Rez the Epic Lite Wave Rezzer where you want the wave to start. *you can rez it at any height of below sea level it doesnt matter)

3. Rotate the arrow on the Epic Lite Wave Rezzer to point roughly toward the marker. Stop and Start Wave after you move or rotate the rezzer. You're done !

Only Rez one rezzer and marker per sim , its not smart enough to move to different targets yet, I'll leave that to you as an exercise :P

The Wave is set to rez every 30 seconds and take 32 seconds to travel from the rezzer to the marker.

You can change these by clicking on the rezzer box where indicated.

The Pulse Symbol +/- is for setting time between waves.

The Speedo Symbol +/- is for setting the time from the rezzer to the marker. bigger number is slower obviously

We hope you enjoy this wave and head over to Solace Dreams at some point to test it out. Waves like this are fun to explore and see the evolution of what we've become today.

A super special thank you to Denise Foxtrot of Maoli Waves & Ramps and Sally LaSalle of SLSA, Bundy Reef, and Chi for giving us all this information. We genuinely could not have done this on our own.

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