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ABC's of Surfing: Endless Wave

Surfing is for everyone. With the Endless Wave by Maoli, it can be for every land too.

Denise Foxtrot of Maoli Waves & Ramps enjoyed water parks as a kid and hoped to bring the fun of the wave pools into Second Life.

There are 3 unique pools offered with 2 different designs of each: Small, Large, and Pro.

  • Small comes in cement and wood design. Measuring 20m x 18m x 7m.

  • Large comes in cement and wood design. Measuring 30m x 20m x 7m

  • Pro comes in cement and wood design. Measuring 30m x 19m x 5m

Permissions: No Modify. Copy. No Transfer.

Price: 1999L to 3999L

Features: Texture changer, power control, Pool board rezzer & skimboard rezzer included

You can try this amazing wave pool out at several locations before you buy. The best boards for the wave pools are the Maoli boards (Standard and Advanced Sally), LSD, [UMI], and Vetox or of course the pool board and skimboard that come with the pool.

Ready to buy your own? Head over to Maoli Waves & Ramps and look for the "wave store".

Once inside you'll see two vendors on the back wall. The one on the left is for the wave pools. Scroll through and select your preferred type based on size and outer texture. The Pro version is backless and slightly larger than the Large so be mindful of that. (see descriptions above for reference)

Inside the box you will see 4 things:

  • The Maoli Flowrider: the wave pool itself

  • The Maoli Poolboard Rezzer

  • The Maoli Skimboard Rezzer

  • Maoli Endless Wave/Flowrider Info

Honestly, you can stop reading now because everything you ever need to know is in that notecard in really easy-to-read details. But in case you just can't get enough of this blog, we'll continue to walk you through it.

Rez out the Flowrider and place it in the desired location. The control panel will be located on the back of the wave pool.

Following are the controller options:

  • Start : Starts the Flowrider

  • Stop : Stops the Flowrider

  • Menu : Brings up the texture menu and gives out this notecard

+ : increases the amount of "PULL" - the force with which the board is held to the wave

- : decreases the amount of pull

The Maoli Flowrider comes in 2 basic parts , the frame and the wave pool itself. There is an integrated texture changer and also a power control. Controls are owner only so that no visitors can fiddle around while other people are using the system. (taken directly from the notecard)

Making it Endless

If you want the Endless Wave to be truly endless, you can wave more than one at a time. Maoli states on their notecard:

Important : if you're going to rezz multiple flowriders on a sim please leave some distance

between them, 5-10 meters is enough. This will guarantee clean and smooth surfing without

interference from other systems nearby.

But we have tried to put them closer and didn't have issues. SLSA and members of Surf SL created a large wave pool area for SLB15 combining two wave pools together and removing the frame around it. A few months later, Bayliner Bob duplicated the setup at his awesome marina. Both felt it was successful and worked amazing. But we still had to create a different framing around it. (Bayliner Bob went on to create the spectacular wave pool setup at Splash Falls that you saw pictured at the top of this blog)

How each board reacts

  • Maoli Surfboards/Poolboards: very good ride, most surfy feeling and best reaction of all

  • LSD: very good board for the Flowrider , based on the board version a bit of fine tuning might be needed ...and of course...practice

  • Vetox: also a really great board for it, take care to not duck dive in the pool. You may need to reduce the power of the Flowrider (An easy adjustment by control panel of the pool.)

  • [UMI] Stub: very good ride, surfy feeling and great reaction

  • SSI: acceptable, needs speed to stand up, reacts very strongly on the stream, good ride with low power in the Flowrider , but not the best board for it

  • HP 5: needs water position, so unusable (on the wave pool. They are great on waves in the water)

  • C-3: seems to still not be quite compatible with this system, it rides fine if you just ride...if you do tricks they seem to search for water level like the HP, in testing we many times *backflipped* through the pool

  • Revolution: on multiple test runs was unable to stand up on this board, if you could stand up this board would require more space than the flowrider offers based on many test runs on our waves.

  • NS: Hard to stand up , based on the wide turns on "real" waves once again we think that the Flowrider doesn't offer enough space for the use of this board.

  • Action: Not usable on this system.

We hope you love the Endless Wave pool as much as we do. Its the perfect training tool to learn tight turns and basic control before tackling a larger Maoli wave!

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