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ABC's of Surfing: Dreamer Surf

A brand new surf beach hits the scene. Dreamer Surf officially opened May 1st with an explosion of activities. The Grand Opening Party was quickly followed by a Surf Sisters Day and we expect many more to come!

Post Card by Cosmos Lowtide

One of the most fun things about Dreamer Surf is where you arrive. You will instantly find yourself on the terrace of an old church-turned-coffee shop.

If you go inside the coffee shop, you will see a variety of comfortable seating surrounding a concession of delicious snacks and drinks. There is a small stage to host live singers perfectly lit by the stained glass above. Look out for Leo (tafari.wahwah) performing Wednesday, June 2nd at 7pm SLT! If you haven't heard him yet, you absolutely must make this show. He sings as good as he surfs!

But we're here for the surf so grab an ice cream out of the cart and head over to the zip line to take the "Zip Line Challenge" down to the dual Tahiti waves below. Owner Dub Dreamer explains how to take a crack at the challenge, "so the idea is to try and hit a wave on way down". We have yet to succeed.

You'll find multiple X3 rezzers along the shoreline but are free to rez your own board if you join the Dub's

Group. (The group joiner is located at the exit of the coffee shop, near the teleport board and on the beach by the bridge.)

Rezzer: X3

Wave: Dual Tahitis

Group Rez: Free to join

Amenities: Kite surfing, zip line, scuba, shopping, coffee, shop, live music venue, sauna, paddle boarding

Rentals: No

Rating: Moderate, Kids allowed

SLurl: Dreamer Surf

Once you've enjoyed this lag free surf experience. Be sure to check the two rock formations sitting on the shoreline. Head down the little hole between them for an amazing underwater viewing area.

Or if scuba diving is your thing, strap on your tank and flippers and dive right in to explore a sunken ship.

Once you're sufficiently water logged, be sure to head out to the Moroccan-style pergola to watch the sunset by the fire. Don't worry if you fall asleep on one of the plush couches. You'll have plenty to explore in the morning after another amazing surf session.

If you prefer to spend the night in a more enclosed shelter, head over to the tower for a romantic panoramic view of the entire beach. There's a blanket on the floor or a cozy hammock to spend the evening cuddling with that special someone.

You might catch a peek at Myrtle the Fertile Turtle as she comes ashore to lay her eggs but make special note of the "flying saucer" in the water because its actually an underwater dance area!

Grab a drink at Dub's Beach Bar during your travels and don't worry the sauna is sure to sweat the alcohol from your pores just in time to get back in the water.

Don't forget to do a little shopping and we highly recommend you check out Dub's Gallery full of RL surfing and beach photographs from the talented beach owner, Dub Dreamer. You'll see amazing action shots of waves in Hawaii and some wild horses just north of Outer Banks in North Carolina. Dreamer loves taking things that inspire him in RL and bringing them to SL, which is why you'll see wild horses roaming Dreamer Surf alongside the beautiful rolling waves.

If you need a rest from all the exploring, be sure to hang out at the main fire pit or sneak away in the cave hidden across the bridge. There's a cozy fire and relaxing waterfall to soothe you while still allowing a nice view of the rolling waves nearby.

The final spot we insist you explore is the ruins located on the SE corner of the sim. It is the perfect hidden spot to recenter yourself. Meditate, practice some tai chi, or even dance with a partner in this tucked away location perfectly camouflaged by rocks and water. "I built up the land so you cannot see rest of island" Dub Dreamer tells us, explaining how private and serene the setting is.

The entire beach has been such a fun place to explore and hangout. Dub Dreamer frequently boasted of his girlfriend Richest Pear's contribution to everything. "[She] has been so supportive, and always is my sounding board for ideas. Pear always offers her own great suggestions too. We love working together on projects."

Dreamer also added his good friend Kera Artist, a fellow gypsy surfer, who helped extensively with the build of Dreamer Surf. The three of them have done an awesome job of creating a new surf place for so many of us to enjoy. You can even hire Kera to help you make your sim as nice as Dreamer Surf. She has a design company that specializes in graphic design, landscaping and interior design. Contact her inworld to hire keric.interiordesign. Feel free to look through her Flickr page to see her portfolio.

"We're just offering surf community another chill place to surf and hang" - Dub Dreamer

Be sure to check out this surf beach soon and don't forget to grab your collector's edition post card! And definitely add any photos you take to their Facebook and Flickr pages!

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