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ABC's of Surfing: Dracula's Teeth

Updated: May 30, 2021

Marina Bay's newest wave is sure to give you eternal surf pleasure.

The "Dracula's Teeth" wave is easy to recognize. It has four high peaks with water spitting out in a fang position that create four fun pockets of surf.

When asked what inspired creator, Wave Salty, to make this shape he responded " I wanted something new and technical. This wave have a lot of curves to make jumps. It is most made for jumps"

Dimensions: 100m

Price: 7500L inworld, 8000L marketplace

Features: 1 texture, 3 launchers on different channels, auto level, speed select

Buy: Marina Bay Marketplace ; Nazamur Surf Shop (the surf shop is a few shops down from the landing)

We tried a variety of surfboards with this wave and discovered the [UMI] and LSD were the most fun, but never take our word on anything. You should try your favorite board and see how it reacts.

Dracula's Teeth was actually created for the [UMI] board. "Frankie Beresford asked to me to create a wave with a "V" form , but it was not really good in SL and could not be applied, he wanted to jump side to side, so I made the Dracula with little "V" to jump side to side" Wave Salty went on to tell us "a big "V" is not possible because we cannot make a 60meters jump"

We can't wait to test this out!

Nazamur has a variety of rezzers to test out their waves.

Once you've fallen in love with Dracula's unique shape. You can head over to the Nazamur Surf Shop and purchase your very own. There is a landing point set so head East 3 buildings after you land.

You will see a large display with a diorama and pupitre to your right. Scroll through the vendor and look for the Dracula's Teeth wave. You can purchase it inworld for 7500L or if you favor convenience over price, you can buy it on the marketplace for 500L more. (Price is inflated to counter the marketplace fees incurred to the creator).

How to Install a Marina Bay Wave:

The absolute first step in making a surf beach or adding waves is terraforming. You must consider factors other than the wave itself. Waves typically come in two sizes, either 64m long or 100m long. You always want to allow for more space on both sides of the wave so surfers can catch the wave from the side (this is the preferred way to catch a wave in SL).

Dracula's Teeth is 100m long so you should have a water part at least 120m wide. We recommend at least 80m for a nice run length. An avid surfer is looking for many things when going to a new beach. Length of Ride is at the top of the list. The longer the ride, the better. We'll get into more things to consider at a later post, but for now, let's focus on how to set up this particular wave.

Inside the Dracula's Teeth box you will find 3 launchers, 3 pupitres (control panel), and 3 "sticks":

  • Launcher (or rezzer) determines where the wave will begin

  • Stick (or marker) determines where the wave will end

  • Pupitre (or control panel) is how you'll set the textures and speed

First, rez out the launcher wherever you want the wave to appear. This is typically set out as far as you can go toward the ocean but can be set anywhere you want the wave to rez.

Next, set out the stick closer to shore or wherever you want the wave to disappear. Make sure they're lined up or your waves will move at an angle.

Picture taken by Teddysnugglebear.Littlepaws

Finally, rez out the pupitre and choose your launch time and speed. Take some time to make sure everything is set up to your liking before hiding everything. You can always see any invisible item by pressing ctrl + alt + T also.

Remember to give yourself lots of room in the water for waves and the most important thing is to have fun! If you have any questions, you can always contact Wave Salty inworld or head over to T'ai Surfing and talk to Teddy at the Surf School.

T'ai Surf School is very knowledgeable about Marina Bay wave setup. The surf beach, T'ai Surfing, is also a great place to surf and experience a ton of waves with multiple surf board options.

Photo taken by Teddysnugglebear.Littlepaws

Contact Teddysnugglebear.Littlepaws to make an appointment for an inworld class or surf lesson.

Turtle Cove, a brand new surf sim also added the Dracula's Teeth to their sim! Run over and check it out there and welcome them to the surf beach world!

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