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ABC's of Surfing: CTOO Surfboard by The Shack

Finally kids can surf too!! The C-TOO surfboard by The Shack is designed specifically with kids in mind. It is a very easy-to-use board with lots of tricks and easy adjustments to fit any age group.

Photo taken by Andin Kismet

The C-TOO was also created out of necessity. Markus Allan was running a family friendly surf beach and hated how child avatars float so high above the C-3 surfboards. So he went to Shack Schapira, creator of the C3 and asked him to make a smaller version of the popular surfboard.

Once completed, Markus Allan hosted a "L'il Surfer Camp" at his Oasis of Life sim that focused primarily on teaching kids how to surf. We believe this is a very important moment in surfing history because, though there have been child surfers before, there's always been an unease. Most kids will tell you they feel intimidated to be around the older surfers. The C-TOO opened the door to the "surfing is for everyone" attitude and later birthed groups like Grom Scouts of Second Life, which Markus Allan also co-founded with Bunni Kismet.

The controls of the C-TOO are nearly identical to the C-3 (option 3) surf board. You can learn to ride this board in 3 easy ways:

  • There is a note card on the rezzer itself . Just click the base of the rezzer (picture shown above) and you'll automatically receive a notecard.

  • While sitting on the surfboard, you can hit E or Pageup for a menu. Select "instructions" and watch local chat for a list commands.

  • Check the Surf SL website (the one you're on!) for a complete guide to how to ride this and other boards.

Where to Try It:

There are a ton of surf beaches now welcoming child avatars.

There are even child-specific surf sims, like Neverland Kidzz that cater to the grom lifestyle.

Other beaches like Lazy Daze are child centric but also offer a ton of adult (PG) features.

For a relaxing and scenic beach, you can also try Ash Falls which camouflages their C-TOO with other boards.

And of course, you can always test it out at the same place you'll purchase it, The Shack Surf Shop.

For a complete list of all the beaches that have the C-TOO surfboard rezzer, check the "Second Life's Best Beaches" page on the Surf SL website.

Where to Buy:

To purchase the C-TOO surfboard by The Shack just head into their Surf Shop and you'll see the board display on the far end of the store.

C-TOO Surfboards for sale at The Shack Surf Shop 450L

There are four available default designs at this time. For a custom design, please contact Shack Schapira inworld for pricing on a modifiable C-TOO surfboard.

If graphic design isn't your forte, do what we do, contact Cosmos Lowtide (Allison.Meiller) and beg her to do it for you for a reasonable price.

Cosmos Lowtide of Lowtide Board Co.

We really hope this blog featuring the C-TOO has shown off what we always hope to accomplish as a surf community. Surfing is for everyone. Everyone is always welcome. No matter your size, age, or species. It truly is a community of unity.

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