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ABC's of Surfing: Crescent Cove

Updated: May 23, 2021

Welcome to Crescent Cove. This is a nude only sanctuary where adult avatars are welcome to relax and explore.

Postcard by Cosmos Lowtide

Surfboard rezzers are on the beach, and both single and couple dances can be found floating above perfectly positioned bonfires- making a clever place for social and romantic experiences.

Crescent Cove is a part of an 11-sim cluster of naturist sims- all part of the same group, called "Naked". See the photo for an idea of just how big the "Naked Empire" is.

There is a feeling of awe and wonder that somehow removes the inhibitions normally associated with manners and pesky things such as clothing. It is more than just a bunch of naked people. It is humans sharing a playful experience- provided largely in part by the humble mastermind herself- the sim founder- Catori Mistwalker.

Photographing the exact beauty of the Crescent Cove can prove to be tricky since there are people there surfing, cuddling and having fun at every visit ... and they are in their birthday suits. The experience is truly unforgettable, and many people say they can't imagine their Second Lives without the Naked Sims.

Rezzer: C3, Maoli, X3 Rezzers

Waves: Tahiti Break By Maoli and Dragonfly By Marina Bay

Amenities: multi-sim naturist group access, scuba diving, boat access, romantic hideouts, hot air balloon rides, outdoor and underwater exploration, hang gliding, carousel

Rez: Open Rez area for group

Rentals: None at this location, all buildings are public access.

Rating: Adult

Introduction written by Hannah Lilly

The entire surf sim is called Naked Harbour, but locals affectionately refer to it is "Crescent Cove". It's easy, at first glance to see how Crescent Cove got its nickname. The curve shaped beach is the perfect place to paddle into some amazing wave sets.

Photo by Hannah Lilly.

The unique wave set is sure to entertain you for hours. But once you're tired and water logged, we encourage you to take a look around. You'll immediately notice plenty of spots to rest and lounge with friends but your eye can't help but travel to the majestic, glowing cave in the center of the mountain. "The Blue Grotto is created as an homage to the RL location of the same name on the Isle of Capri in Italy." - Catori Mistwalker, owner of Naked Harbour.

Swim inside the majestic cave for a romantic underwater area with beautifully serene water.

Photos by Hannah Lilly

Be sure to also climb the mountain for more activities like hang gliding, but don't forget your umbrella because its rainy up there!

Stop for a rest or a cuddle anywhere you like, but we recommend you keep heading up the mountain, after you've enjoyed the koi pond, campfire, and peacock!!

The view from the summit offers the perfect spot to watch the waves roll in. And of course, there's plenty of places to relax, cuddle, and take a much needed nap up there.

If you're looking for a dance in the mystics, Crescent Cove offers that too. Walk out to the "The Circle of Elements" and enjoy gorgeous panoramic views. Don't forget, there are dancers above every campfire at these sims!

If you're feeling your inner gypsy screaming to come out. There are a ton of cabanas for your group to camp at. We recommend you check out that boathouse down there too for some amazing hangout spots!

The inside of the boat house offers plenty of furry warmth to cuddle and chat

The upper deck has a perfect amount of seating and a steamy hot Jacuzzi to rest those sore surfer muscles.

If you're craving a camp under the stars, swim out to this adorable little island that has a sleeping bag already waiting for you.

And finally, we know we're only trying to focus on the surf beaches themselves, but we couldn't help but sneak over to a neighboring sim, also owned by Catori Mistwalker to grab a photo or two. Be sure to check out all 11 of these sims on your travels!

A small spot to grab a surf past the break . Just when you think you've seen it all here.. there's something else to explore.

You can spend the night under the moon, watching the waves, from this amazing little house on the Southern end of Crescent Cove.

Make sure you grab your FREE collector's post card and cork board before you leave! And definitely come back often for a surf and to explore this massive land mass! We know we'll be back for sure!

Written by Hannah Lilly

Photos by Hannah Lilly and Catori Mistwalker

Post Card by Cosmos Lowtide

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