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ABC's of Surfing: Cohiba

Cohiba is a tropical paradise first built in 2012 and updated in 2019 consisting of three amazing sims.

Cohiba Reef is a Maldives inspired sim that is strictly rentals. Most of the houses are separated by gorgeous blue water that allows you to travel by watercraft. It maintains near or full rental status year round. So if you see an available property, don't hesitate to grab your spot in paradise, as they go fast.

Cohiba Bay is the far south sim full of mountains, bridges, and waterfalls. Each house is designed to access a waterway to the Cay but still be tucked into the landscape for optimal privacy. Cohiba Bay also has a small public beach with surf shops and rezzers to allow people to rest between waves without interfering with the surfers on the Cay.

Cohiba Cay is the pristine public surf beach located between the two rental sims. It has very little on it, with the exception of some seating, activities, and information so that surfers can enjoy the waves without lagging. One of the features the surfers LOVE about Cohiba Cay is it's an Open Space sim which only allows 8 people at a time on it. This gives the avid surfer the best conditions possible without interference.

Wave: Tahitis and California currently (for the SLSA competition)

Rezzers: C3, Flow, HP5, LSD, Sally, UMI Stub, UMI Super, X3 Rezzer

Rating: Adult

Rental: Yes. Check the onsite rental kiosks or Cohiba Cay group notices for availability.

Rez: Open Rez on Cohiba Cay; Group Rez on Cohiba Bay (free to join); and Cohiba Reef (tenants only)

Amenities: Bungee, Hydrafoil, kitesurfing, windsurfing, jetski

We recommend you arrive at Cohiba Cay where you'll instantly see most of the rezzers you need. They do often move some over to Cohiba Bay to reduce prims and lag. By now you should know to click on the hanging surfboards (rezzers) and sit on the board that appears in the water. You can paddle out the same way you walk, using WASD or arrow keys and will automatically stand when you hit the waves.

Once you've enjoyed your lag free surf session, we recommend you take some time to enjoy the other amenities such as bungee jumping from the tall platform near the docks. Or take the jetski out for a nice ride through all 3 sims, but please be respectful of the private residence and surfers that might be on the waves. There is also a kite and windsurfing rental kiosk under the hut on the Cay. And of course, don't forget to try out the hydrafoil by Maoli you've seen everyone talking about on Facebook.

This Saturday, May 22nd @ 1pm SLT, every surf enthusiast will be flocked over to Cohiba Bay to watch the Cohiba C3 Pro Surf Competition presented by Surf SL. Its definitely a must-see event with the top surfers all over the grid fighting their way to the top to be crowned this season's SLSA champion. Only two more competitions to go this season and the scores are so close, its nail biting. If you attempt to get on Cohiba Cay this Saturday, during the competition, you will not have access.. but don't fret, the sim will open back up after the competition. Instead, hop over to Cohiba Bay where the spectator area will be with live music from Max Kleene, NeoMaximus Brandenburg, and DJ Moon Peace (yay! our favorite DJ)!

Currently, Cohiba is an adult rated sim, but plans are underway to offer "Family Days" at the surf park, to allow for those under 18 to take advantage of the fantastic conditions at the Cay. After the competition Cohiba Cay will be updated to Moderate to accommodate family activities

Remember to join the group to stay current on all their upcoming events. One big get together and two free surf lessons are offered every month. Check out their Flickr page to see all their amazing photos!

Don't forget to grab your collector's post card and cork board .

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