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ABC's of Surfing: Clam Wave by Maoli

Throw away everything we've ever said about wave setup because Maoli has revolutionized waves once again. Or we should say, gone back to a simpler time in wave setup history. But before we gush about that, let's talk about the Clam as a surfer, not an owner.

The Clam by Maoli Waves & Ramps is a different wave to surf on than you're used to. The convex shape and phantom crest make it one of the most unique rides. The height makes you feel like a big wave surfer, turning anyone from John John Florence to Nathan Florence with one wave.

The Clam in action with particles turned on. You can do aerials right through the crest of the wave since its phantom!

Here's a picture with particles turned down so you can see the actual shape of the wave.

Due to the convex shape, we did find that some boards work better than others. So leave your C3 on the shore and grab an [UMI] Stub or Sally by Maoli for this wave! Try surfing the Clam at the Simboard Sportsworld beach! It's open rez and there's a Sally rezzer there. To purchase either of those boards, click the links of their names to get all the information necessary to buy and surf them.

Dimensions: 64m wide (good for smaller sims)

Features: 7 textures, super easy setup, Maoli surfboard included

Price: 5500L

If you have a small water space on your sim and are considering buying a wave, this is the perfect wave for smaller seas.

Ready to buy? Here's how!

A few things to know before you buy this unique wave:

" [because] of the simplification [in rezzing] it has 2 drawbacks to the other maoli waves

1. it does not work on sky platforms

2. it can only go straight

but that's all...but...its important" - Denise Foxtrot, Maoli Waves & Ramps

The traditional rezzer and marker allowed you to set the marker to go at an angle so the wave would move sideways. With the renewed, simplistic setup the wave can only go straight. This will make more sense in the next section.

First, let's just get you to the store so you can buy the wave, then we'll walk you through the step-by-step that will help bring all this information together.

Take this SLurl to Maoli Waves & Ramps and look at the vendor against the wall with the door.

The Wave section at Maoli Waves & Ramps

The Clam vendor. There is a gifting option if you choose "touch" instead of "pay"

Now that you've purchased the wave, its time to go home and terraform. We recommend you have a water space of at least 80m wide, allowing for paddling in on both sides of the wave. We also recommend a length of run of about 100m but keep in mind there needs to be some room for surfers that are still on their boards to relax. Without a marker system, this will be a little trickier. We recommend you create a sand bank for the surfers to slip into so the wave can derez without grabbing them again. Unless of course, your water is over 180m, then the wave will derez on its own since it can't go farther than that.

If you don't have experience with wave setup, we know everything we're saying is super confusing. So let's take some time to get to know the differences between the other setups and this renewed easy-to-do wave.


Before the Clam wave brought back the old system, you had several rezzers and markers in one box, regardless of wave brand. You had to rez out the wave rezzer at the far end of the run, then rez out a marker to show the wave where to derez then (depending on brand) wear or rez a control panel that allowed you to adjust the wave texture and turn the waves on and off.

The Clam is different.

With the Clam all you have to do is rez out the wave rezzer. That's literally it. Rez out the little rezzer disc at the far end of the water run. Make sure the arrow on it is pointing the way you want the wave to go. With this system, you will not need to have the rezzer on the Z axis at 20m. It will auto detect the water level. " That's why it wont work in skyboxes" - Denise Foxtrot, Maoli Waves & Ramps.

Then all you literally have to do is touch the rezzer disc that's now in the water and choose from all the options:

Waves: Turn on/off or sync the waves together

You can make multiple copies of the wave rezzer disc in the water and

have the waves either flow at different times and spaces, or you can

sync them all together and they will automatically all flow together.

Two wave rezzers turned on at two different times create a wave set that's not

synced. In this picture, we've chosen the "Blue" texture in front and the "Real"

texture in the back to highlight the differences in these two textures.

Hit the "Sync" button in the wave section of the control panel and both waves will

sync up side by side to create one super wide wave. You can do this as many times

as you want to create one epic ride.

In this picture, we've synced up two waves to create one wide wave. If you choose the same texture, the waves will blend together perfectly and look like one, continuous wave. We have chosen the "Real" and "Lagoon" textures to highlight the two waves together. The distance you set the wave rezzers apart will determine how well they blend together and how seamless the crests align.

Next, you get the fun of choosing whichever color blends with your water the best. There's a ton to choose from, even some fun ones like "lava" and "radioactive". This should really get your creative juices flowing to build a super unique sim or throw a really amazing themed surf party! If you've ever had a conversation with us about "how to bring more traffic" to your beach.. then you know this is something we constantly encourage.. Surf theme parties are the best and we LOVE to help you promote them. Perhaps surfing through a sewage leak or a clover field with the "radioactive" texture like Cohiba Bay did for St. Patrick's Day. Or the crazy volcanic eruption with the lava setting like Sacred Candy has done! There's so many options to choose from, we can't wait to see what you come up with!

The last button on the main menu "options" is just to hide the rezzer so you no longer have this crazy disc randomly floating in the water. You can always find it again by pressing ctrl alt T on your keyboard.

We want to reiterate one more time about how this wave derezzes since there's no marker like we previously discussed. Surfers love to relax on their boards and chat with their friends while near the shoreline. Since you can't control where this wave will derez with a marker, to optimize the surfing experience on your beach, you should create a little water way for surfers to chill and chat or make a super shallow spot on the shore for people to sit on their board without getting carried off to sea by a wave.

Another thing to note is that the wave cannot go a full sim length. It will automatically derez at 180m or 3/4 sim length.

And that's it, you're all done!!! Of course, rez out the free surfboard in the folder and head out to enjoy your very own wave.

If you have any questions at all. We recommend you first read the notecard that's inside the folder. Creators go through painstaking measures to make sure all your questions are answered ahead of time. They also don't really have time to set your wave up for you. But if you find that you still have a question that there was no visible answer to, Denise Foxtrot is always happy to help you in anyway. Maoli's Customer Service is really great but remember, she is on a European timezone and only around in the early SL mornings so please be patient with a response. And of course, we always recommend sending a detailed notecard of your specific question or issue in addition to an IM.

Now stop reading this and get out there and surf!

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