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ABC's of Surfing: Chi Beach

Now that we're deeper into exploring and feel well versed on the diversity of some of the surf sims. Its important to take a step back in time and visit an historical surf sim still perfectly preserved from 2006. Chi was the first venue of competitive surfing in SL .. "the Namiko pro (which waseven before the SLSA was formed) " Sally LaSalle informs us proudly.

One of the first things you'll notice when you arrive on the beach of Chi is the unique small clear waves. These waves are called "fluffies" and were very popular amongst surfers due to their very challenging nature. We'll talk more about those in a later blog.

Wave: Fluffies by Maoli Waves & Ramps (a remake of the originals)

Rezzers: C3 and SSi

Rating: Moderate, children avatars are welcome

Rentals: Yes, current availibilities listed below

Amenities: Shopping, Sushi Bar, Bathhouse, Mermaid Playground, Tan's Coffee Shop

SLurl: Chi

Today, we have the unique pleasure of witnessing a fundraiser happening at Chi for the SL Surfing Association. Kimmy Jigsaw and her friend, ML have organized a Pink Floyd Tribute show to raise funds for competitive surfing. We recommend you come down today at 11am to check out this really cool, interactive show that mirrors a RL Pink Floyd concert, complete with special effects.

If you come before or stay after, we recommend you walk the boardwalk around the mountain to really get the full picture of why these sims are so special to so many people. Once you reach the summit, if you stop for a moment and spin around, you'll notice you can actually see the other surf sims from where you're standing. T'ai created in 2006 along with Chi retains the oriental theme and creates a picturesque view of asian architecture and endless waves. You can also see Bundy Reef, owned by Sally LaSalle (she also owns and designed Chi). And of course, the lighthouse marks the waves of Bluff Cove. We've said it before and we'll continue to say it, this four sim surf mecca is one of a kind and truly amazing to witness.

There's so much to explore here, we invite you to take some time out and walk this gorgeous and historical sim built in 2006. Its truly a remarkable beauty when you consider its pre-mesh with a ton of limitations when it was created.

A super touching memorial to surfers we've lost along the way

The shops along the shoreline of Chi are super remarkable. You can buy any Maoli wave AND its the only remaining LSD store in existence in Second Life!

This relaxing bath was such a nice surprise on our walk

A nice little hangout spot with a bed inside

The bridge to T'ai Surfing

The bath house

The Mermaid Playground

So now that you've taken a virtual tour. I'm sure you're ready to live here, right?!

As a resident on Chi:

You will be able to Set your Home location here

You will also be able to set your own music and video.

You can rez in Sky Space (please consult with management before selecting your height)

You can control security for you land

Available Rentals:

Akayami Falls $999/week with a prim allowance of 650.

Crane $999/week with a prim allowance of 650

Akiyama $999/week with a prim allowance of 650

For rental information, feel free to contact Sally LaSalle or Kantbe Thursday. You can rent via the green rentals in front of each available location or at the Rental Office on Bundy Reef.

Don't forget to grab your collector's post card near the shops!!

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