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ABC's of Surfing: Chaos Paradise

Chaos Paradise has a uniquely whimsical feel as you explore this gorgeous sim. The pink palm trees sprinkled in with the green foliage gives the beach an almost gentle, and dainty feel.

You'll immediately arrive at a campfire on the beach right next to the gorgeous rolling Freestyle 100 waves. The NS Swallow board rezzers are right there along with a few hammocks to lazily relax and study the wave patterns before paddling out.

Wave: Freestyle 100

Rezzers: NS Swallow

Amenities: Mermaids & Diving! Starboat, Game Room, Movie grotto

Rating: Adult (No Child Avis allowed)

Rez: No rezzing

You'll notice while duck diving there's a gorgeous underwater area to explore so be sure to pack your scuba gear! This stunning "Mermaid Area" is sure to please any aquatic enthusiast!

Once you're completely water logged and ready to dry off and explore, we recommend you head to the center clubhouse area. You'll immediately see a sign of all the fun stuff Chaos Paradise has to offer via teleport board or you can walk around and keep your toes in the sand.

Chaos Paradise is a relatively small island with a huge clubhouse in the center. There's a large game room with (literally) every game you can think of.

Three really cool pool areas (because we know you can't stay out of the water for long):

Pool Area in the main clubhouse. Plenty of lounge areas and a movie screen.

A more private pool area on the western shore

And a more tropical pool party deck on the eastern shore.

The one reoccurring theme you'll notice about Chaos Paradise (besides the delicate pink touches) are all the movie screens. There's one in the game room, one at the guitar pool, and we even found one in a really cool grotto! This is absolutely the perfect place for a movie night with a date. But leave the kiddies at home because this place is 100% adult, no teens or child avis allowed.

Luckily elves and nonhumans are allowed at this sim or we'd have missed out on the best part of the sim.... the ice cream and unicorn seating!

Jk! Jk! Its obviously the surfing but that unicorn chair is a close second!

For those of you that love the nightlife, there's even a huge club in the sky for massive parties! All you surfing DJ's be sure to hit them up to book a venue here!

We know you're ready to stop reading and get to surfing at Chaos Paradise! But don't forget your scuba gear too! We'll see you out on the waves (and under them!)

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