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ABC's of Surfing: Cape Sans Blas

Updated: May 10, 2021

Cape Sans Blas is a simple, yet serene place to surf. Named after the real life beach in Florida, it duplicates it perfectly with its white sand and calm environment. The perfect getaway for the surf enthusiast.

Rezzers: HP5 and NS Swallow

Wave: Tahiti

Rentals: Yes, 2 available at time of post

Rating: Moderate

Rez Abilities: Open Rez

Amenities: Dining, Tai Chi, Bumper Boats, Jet Skis, Hot Tub

Cape Sans Blas is particularly sentimental to Surf SL since it was the beach where it all started. A group of dedicated surfers sat around the iconic campfire looking for a way to bring information to surfers all over the grid back in 2017. Thus, Surf SL was born.

The birth of Surf SL in 2017 during Surfari at Cape Sans Blas

So let's explore this iconic beach. The Tahiti right wave rolls into the sandy shore carefully missing the swimming orcas that occasionally jump in celebration. They seem to want to ride the waves as bad as we do.

You'll find an HP5 and NS rezzer in the middle of the beach, between the lounge chairs.

Other shoreline activities are adorable duck bumper boats, Tai Chi, and jetski rentals found on the southern docks next to the lighthouse.

We've mentioned the campfire, which is still there today. But if campfire cuisine isn't your preference, The Sand Bucket Bar & Grill is within walking distance of the NS and HP5 surfboard rezzers.

Grab some grub then walk through the alcove in the mountain to find a relaxing private hot tub with a very secluded beach.

Be careful where you walk. There's also a few homes for private renters along the shore and some adorable little huts on the mountains. Two of which are still available to rent.

"I love it here and its a very nice place. I got all I need" - Diana (xxblackdiana), a friendly resident shared with us as we walked by. If you want to be Diana's neighbor, head into the large Victoran house and look to your right for a map of available rentals.

The Cliffside Huts are the only available currently. 275L for 110 prims

Don't forget to grab your collector's postcard and corkboard for FREE at the rental office!

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1 Comment

Nite Wrtrr
Nite Wrtrr
May 10, 2021

your writing and photographs are very engaging, sounds like so much fun!

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