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ABC's of Surfing: Cann!bal !sland

Updated: May 8, 2021

Cann!bal Island is one of the oldest beaches in Second Life. A lot of the things you'll find on the beach are custom made by owner, Chotaire Seelowe and cannot be found anywhere else on Second Life.

The surf wave at Cann!bal is unique to this beach and only rezzes at certain times of the day. "The waves currently rez at Cann!bal Timezone (CBT) midday. That means, every 4 hours for around 2 hours. Since the latest version of the wave will look absolutely fantastic under all atmospheric conditions, it will soon be opened 24/7. That's when Cann!bal officially becomes a surfing region." -Chotaire Seelowe of Cann!bal !sland

You'll also find custom HP5 boards that appear on the beach once the waves do. "The surfboards vanish (and kick you off) once the wave disappears. There are no other surfboard rezzers, but since everyone can rez anywhere in the region, people are welcome to bring their own surfboards. " - Chotaire Seelowe

Be sure to bring an umbrella too because this sim also has its own unique weather system with rain and lightning storms! The beach has "more than 4000 carefully written from scratch scripts [that] bring it to life" in every way, in everything that's randomly happening. You can sit there all day and experience many different weather patterns. The region communicates with itself to create completely random, local scenarios that all sync together. "The dynamic EEP windlight daycycles are also worth mentioning, which are synced to beach lights, weather situations, etc" - Chotaire Seelowe told us. Weather situations in this case include: rain, storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, and clouds forming. And its all truly random. "Different weather situations can develop in different parts of the region. The region may fully transform depending on daytime, lag, and during events. Random stuff that you did not expect might be happening around you, like in real life."

Lightning Strikes the beach at Cann!bal !sland

In addition to unique weather and waves, Cann!bal also has its own radio station that also changes daily so be sure to crank up the volume once you arrive and enjoy the tunes.

Wave: Cann!bal Tsunami 2021 (wave appears every 4 hours for 2 hours at a time)

Rezzer: Cann!bal HP5 100 on the shore (vanishes with the wave)

Open Rez

Amenities: Soccer/football, swings, tons of hang out spots, sauna, couples walker, Cann!bal Club, custom yachts open to everyone, rare coconut hunt, Justin Bieber

Rating: Moderate

Rentals: Yes, Rental Islands with tiki huts and full size Virtual Regions.

When you first arrive, you'll have 4 different teleporting options. Each location is unique in theme and stunning to visit:

Cann!bal !sland: Surf Beach since 2007

Cannibia: Deserted Island feel

Oasis: Desert, Oasis Hangout, and funny wildlife

Sky Paradise: Rental region demo

As a surf blog, we are obviously going to recommend you immediately head down to Cann!bal !sland and get on the waves. But definitely make sure to explore everything the 4 regions have to offer.

Once you arrive at Cann!bal !sland, you'll immediately be greeted by two AI animals. Bongokongo, the monkey and Raffi, the dog have a variety of fun animations and tricks once you touch them.

Cann!bal itself has a ton of amenities other than surfing. There's a ton of hangout spots with food, drinks, firepits, hot tubs, and more.

Cann!bal Copters allow you to shoot your friends out of the sky with coconuts!

The central hub has a great camping spot and a tower house with an amazing vantage point.

A nice little public house with plenty of places to cuddle and have a dance. Look for the smoldering volcano to know which house is public!

Explore the abandoned pirate ship and be sure to climb the waterfall for some really nice chill spots. You can take a boat over there from the small marina.

If you walk along the shoreline and tiny islands you'll find even more fun activities. There's a sauna and some cool swings.. and even a celebrity hanging out on the shore!

Grab some friends (and Justin Bieber of course) and play a game of soccer/football on the beach. Spend the evening beneath the lit palm trees soaking in the hot tub with friends.

Touch the dancing statue to dance with a partner or solo or relax in the hot tub

If there's no available rentals, there's plenty of places to camp for the night. You'll need your rest for the early morning waves and some more exploration.

There are two floating "bedrooms" high in the sky for a little more privacy.

Don't forget to explore the underwater seaworld too, but be careful its full of predators.

Before you leave, be sure to head up to Cannibia and take a look around at this deserted island. Photographers, this is the place for you. Littered along the beach, you'll find tons of props to make you feel like you've been stranded on a deserted island. Perhaps that plane that flew overhead at Cann!bal crashed into Cannibia? There's plenty of spots to get ultra creative.

Cannibia. Photo taken by Chotaire Seelowe

If you're craving a more arid setting, jump up to the Oasis and relax alongside some hot beach babes chilling around the pool. Take a stroll along the boardwalk and witness some of the mouthiest wildlife you'll ever see.

We know you're now as hooked as we were so jump over to that rental office and check out the Sky Paradise region you can rent for 1890L a week for 2000 prim. Check out the marketplace ad for details.

There's also a waiting list for the Cann!bal Island private islands. "It's self-serviced. You'd just go to the rentals office or approach the lot and click a rental meter of choice, where you have the option to be notified once the lot (or any rental) becomes available" - Chotaire Seelowe

Cann!bal !sland Rental Office

Chotaire was hoping to make us a custom post card stand to blend with Cann!bal but ran out of time. He promises to get one up soon. We'll let you know when its ready. In the meantime, check out some really great photos on Flickr. The "official" site is posted by the creator himself. The other are pics taken by people who have visited and captured their experiences. Don't forget to join the group and add your own!

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