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ABC's of Surfing: Camel Wave by MarinaBay

The Camel Wave is definitely a fun wave to play around on. It's compatible with almost every board but due to its curved nature, some boards like the UMI Stub, LSD, or Maoli Sally will work better on it. Last season, the SLSA hosted an X3 competition using the Camel and it was quite fun but just a little more challenging.

Prims: 25Li for the wave; 6Li for the pupitre (control panel); 1Li for the rezzer

Features: 64m long, 4 textures, 3 launchers for side by side waves, select speed ability, select rez time

Price: 4700L inworld; 5200 on Marketplace

SLurls to Purchase: Nazamur Surf Beach shop (two shops from the landing spot)

SLurl to Surf it: T'ai Surfing

We learned previously about the Biarritz from MarinaBay. Wave Salty, creator of the Camel and MarinaBay has explained that he focuses more on the fun of riding waves in SL than he does the realism of the ocean. The Camel is no exception to this. If SL is a playground, the Camel is the biggest slide there.

The two hump feature allows the surfer to go super high into the air then slide down and play along the second hump bringing you back into the center valley.

You can purchase this wave at two separate locations: The MarinaBay Marketplace store (5200L) or the Nazamur Surf Beach shop (4700L). Once you get it onto your beach, you'll want to rez out the pupitre and begin choosing your options. You will see 3 different rezzers in the folder, allowing you to run 3 waves side-by-side. There is no difference in these waves aesthetically. They just run on different channels allowing you to have more than one wave moving in different directions.

Remember, when terraforming your water that you'll want surfers to be able to access the waves comfortably from both sides and allow some shoreline to paddle from or rest. This means you want to expand your water beyond the 64m width of the wave. We recommend at least 100m width of water.

On the pupitre, you'll have the ability to customize the wave exactly how you like it. You'll be able to choose the texture of the water you want, the rez times in 60, 80, or 100s intervals, and speed or slow the wave down.

But before you turn it on, be sure to rez out the rezzer at the far end of the ocean and set the "stick" or marker near the shoreline to tell the wave where to de-rez or go away.

Photo by TeddySnuggleBear Littlepaws

The wave will auto level on the water as soon as you turn it on, so no need to adjust the height of the wave. Your main concern will be the speed and direction you want it set at.

Once everything is set, you should be able to test the wave and make your final adjustments. Click "Hide Rezzer" once you're satisfied and nobody will be able to see the products until you turn it back to visible (or press ctrl alt T)

Surf this wave at T'ai Surfing. She has a ton of waves coming to shore but the Camel is the most recognizable by its two humps!

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