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ABC's of Surfing: Calypso Cove

Welcome to Calypso Cove! This four-sim island is like nothing else we've explored so far. Once an Ibiza-inspired sim, this fast-growing role-play sim is now the setting of an imaginary location tucked between Cuba and Florida. There's so much to do here, we recommend setting aside some time to truly explore all of it.

You'll immediately land in the Citrine Market, the epicenter of all four sims. Citrine Market is home to shops, 2 cafes, a radio station, strip club, restaurant, auto shop, lighthouse, and a gym! It is also directly across the street from the reason we came.. a stunning surf beach (clothing optional).

Citrine Market. The Shopping District

Grab a coffee on your way to the beach at the Citrine Market

Grab some beachwear and head across the street to the surf beach, just past the Lifeguard Center.

Lifeguard Center located directly on the surf beach

Clothing Optional on the surf beach area

C3, Maoli, X3, and Kite Surfing Rezzer

A family of Orcas playing in the Popoia waves.

Rezzer: C3, Maoli, X3 Rezzers

Wave: Popoia, Curly, and Tahiti

Amenities: Role-playing, shopping, scuba diving, jetski, cafes, gym, kite surfing

Rez: Open Rez area

Rentals: Yes, averaging about 500L for 150 prim

Rating: Adult

SLurl: Calypso Cove

There is a C3, Maoli, X3 and kitesurfing rezzer you're welcome to use or rez your own just behind the rezzer pictured below.

Guests are welcome to walk around all the sims and enjoy the amenities we've mentioned. There's plenty of quaint campfires along the shore to relax after a day of surfing or enjoy the jetski rezzer and play some more on the waves.

Wander the sims on horseback

Now that you've surfed some waves and played with the Orcas. Let's take a look around the town. Surfers love to travel and take in all the local sights during their adventures.

Calypso Cove has so much to see its hard to fit it all in. There's a beautiful marina with two stunning beaches: one with waves, one without. Most of the water allows for underwater diving with plenty of wildlife to photograph.

The streets of Citrine have plenty of wildlife to photograph too. Here you'll see some stray dogs running the streets just outside the strip club and auto shop.

The auto shop is also home to the radio station upstairs. Both are located right next to the marina.

There's also a hospital on the other side of the marina where a doctor can stitch you up if you injure yourself surfing. There's even a plastic surgeon on duty in case one of those Orcas takes a friendly nibble.

Cafe del Mar is an Ibiza inspired cafe

Surfing can really work up an appetite so be sure to stop in at the the Ibiza-inspired Cafe del Mar located next to the lifeguard and beach access. Pick up your postcard there and head into Cuddle Club for relaxation with friends.

Don't forget to do a little shopping before you go. This back alley tunnel will lead you to the exciting store that started it all. Walk down the stairs and click yes to be teleported to the tantalizing side of Calypso Cove

Xtra Ordinari was the origin of Calypso Cove.Cosmeja started this leather and bondage store years ago and it quickly became hugely popular. As she expanded, a sim empire grew. Soon, 3 friends joined together to create the four sims that make up Calypso Cove: Citrine, Moonshadow Bay, Lionshaven, and Cool World.

Citrine is mainly your shopping district, as we've mentioned. Moonshadow Bay is primarily residential. Cool World also has a ton of rentals but is also home to the surf beach. Lionshaven is home to the bond villain residence with tons of cool, but private features. But there are some rentals near the entrance.

I know you just got excited at the rental concept of this really cool place so we're happy to show you some available rentals on all four sims. First, take a look at the above map and notice all the green dots. Once you've familiarized yourself, take a look below at what the houses look like. Remember, every single rental has a private beach access in their backyard.

Current Rental Properties:

Calypso Cove Rental Office. Located in the Citrine Market - All listed rentals are 500L for 150 prims.

Contact Eleni Criss (elenicriss) the Activities Director for any assistance you might need.

Citrine Rentals

Citrine Mansion 2. Walking distance to the shops

Citrine Mansion 2. Interior.

Citrine. Beach Cottage 4

Moonshadow Bay

Moonshadow Bay. Beach Cottage 3

Moonshadow Bay. Beach Cottage 4. Secret Cave Access in the bathroom

Moonshadow Bay. Beach Bungalow 4. Secret Cave Access in the bookshelf

Moonshadow Bay. Cotage 4 [sic]

Moonshadow Bay. Cabin.

Cool World

Cool World. Beach Cottage 2

Cool World. Beach Shack 2.

Cool World. Beach Shack 5. Tip of the peninsula. Backyard Surf Beach.

There's even an intricate system of caves below that can be accessed by some of the private residence and down sandy alleys in the mountains.

See if you can find the hidden treasure!

Don't forget to grab your postcard from Cafe del Mar!

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