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ABC's of Surfing: California Wave by Maoli


If you've purchased the California Wave in the past, look out for the update being automatically sent to you

Update Features: it will now work via HUD with the ability to change textures (more texture options), easier setup, better instructions and surfboard rezzer all included. (The old version is still included as well)

If you didn't receive the update, head over to Maoli Waves & Ramps and click the redelivery terminal.


If you're new to the California Wave, lets learn all about it! The California is the most recognizable by its middle curl design. Picture the Curly you learned about a few weeks ago, but 100m long. (As opposed to the 64m Curly). Its compatible with almost all surfboards on the grid and comes with a variety of great features.

Surf the California wave at Cohiba Cay!

HUD Controlled

7 Texture Options

Prims: 85Li (83 wave, 1 Marker, 1 rezzer)

Price: 9999L

Perms: Copyable. No Modify. No Transfer.

Ready to Buy the California for your Beach?

Go straight to Maoli Waves & Ramps and look for the "Waves" store.

Once Inside you'll see the vendor on the wall.

California Vendor at Maoli Waves & Ramps . Gift Options are available on this vendor. 9999L

Full sim diorama to show how waves fit in your water @ Maoli Waves & Ramps.

Once you've purchased the California Wave. Open the contents and look inside the folder to see a ton of great options:

There are two different types of waves in the box: a California Wave A and a California Wave B. There's no actual difference between the A and B wave. It just allows you to rez two waves out at a time without them both heading toward one marker. This will make sense as we proceed. Each of these two waves also come with an "eco" version which was created by popular demand of having a single layer.

Additionally, when purchasing the California, you'll also get a FREE MFS surfboard rezzer. Maoli is always generous in making sure you have all you need to create a surf sim with just one purchase.

The folder will also come with very detailed instructions on how to set up the wave. So take a deep breath and let's learn how to set it up. Its not as overwhelming as it initially appears. In fact, most people, once they actually begin to set it up immediately respond with "wow, that was easy".

Inside the folder, you'll have the four waves we discussed above. They will be called "rezzers" inside the folder because you are setting up where the wave will actually rez or begin to form. The four listed are: California Rezzer A, California Rezzer A (eco), California Rezzer B, California Rezzer B (eco).

You will also find two "Markers" inside the folder. The markers will determine where the wave de-rezzes or goes away.

First rez out the wave rezzer where you'd like the wave to appear. Make sure the arrow is pointing in the direction you'd like the wave to go and that you've placed it level with the water. Typically at 2Om.

Next, rez out the corresponding "Marker" and place where you'd like the wave to de-rez or go away.

Same thing with this one. Make sure its located at 20m on the z axis in the Position area.

Make sure if you put out Wave Rezzer A.. You've placed out Wave Marker A. If you want more than one wave to go in two different places place out both Wave Rezzer A and B with Marker A and B. (There is no actual style difference between Rezzer A and Rezzer B. A wave moves on a channel toward its marker so if you attempted to rez out multiple A waves, they would all move toward the A marker. If you wanted two identical waves to move in two different directions, you would use A and B next to each other so they move in two different directions. See below picture).

Next wear the HUD and choose between: Waves, Style, and Options.

Waves: Turn on / off the Waves

Style: Changes the Style of the Waves

Options: Hide/Show Rezzers and Markers

You can turn waves on and off separately. Please allow for at least 30 seconds before the first wave will rez. There is no way to set an actual time with these waves so if you want them to be staggered, turn them on at different times.

When selecting "Waves"

Please remember that the wave will head toward its corresponding marker so if you want side by side waves, you'd need to rez a Wave A and a Wave B next to each other.

When selecting "Style"

There are 7 different texture types to help match the theme of your beach's water.

Once you've set your wave rezzer and markers, chosen your wave color, then turned them on you are ready to go under "options" and hide the rezzers and markers. You can always find them by turning them back on or holding ctrl alt T on your keyboard.

Please remember that this wave is 100m long. So you need to give yourself enough space to enter the wave on both sides and to be able to paddle out from the shoreline. "I suggest at least a free waterspace of around 200 x 100 m to run the waves , its surely possible to run em on a bigger space or even on a smaller space too , but on around 200 x 100 they will surf the best." - Denise Foxtrot of Maoli Waves & Ramps

Denise Foxtrot is always happy to help you with any issues you may have but remember she is on a European timezone and only on early in the SL morning. If you have a problem, send her an IM and a notecard with very specific issues you are experiencing. She makes a lot of products and gets swamped with questions so be patient when waiting for help. Also, please read the detailed notecard she has provided and make sure the answer isn't in there first. Most of the issues are simple and already provided.

A mistake I've made recently that I needed her to help me with was the wave floating above the waterline. This was resolved by setting the rezzer and marker at the 20m she outlines in the notecard.

We hope you enjoy this wave as much as we have learning about it. See this wave in action this month at the SLSA Surfing Competition at Cohiba Cay on May 22nd or head over to Maoli Waves and Ramps to surf it now!

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