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ABC's of Surfing: Calendar of Surfing Events

The "Surfing Calendar of Events" began in 2017 as a way to keep us all informed of what was going on in the surf world.

Initially, anything and everything that happened on a surf sim was included but it quickly became full of DJ sets on a surf beach, so we had to cut it down to only surf related events. Occasionally exceptions will be made like a surf sim grand opening or fundraiser, but most of the time, we attempt to keep it pristine.

It is released on the first day of every month through mailers, notices in surf groups, and Facebook. We also go around and add the updated calendar to all the Surfing Information Huts that have existed as long as the calendar.

To get on the mailing list or add your surfing event to the calendar, contact Solsty Kismet (solsty.resident) inworld. We're happy to include anything surf related and help you stay connected with all the active surfers.

There's constant changes and activities going on in the surf community so be sure to check for an updated calendar often!

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