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ABC's of Surfing: C3 Board by Shack

The C-3 surfboard by The Shack is arguably the most beginner-friendly trick board. Almost every maneuver is done with the push of a button, with some exceptions in combos and aerials.

Created in 2013 by Shack Schapira, the C-3 was born out of necessity. The creator's favorite board, the HP5 was no longer available for sale. "So armed with some experience at SL scripting, building, animations and textures I decided to try make one myself. Several months later and with lots of testing, feedback and suggestions from friends the C-3 was born. " Shack Schapira

You can learn to surf this board in 3 easy ways.

  1. The rezzer has a notecard attached to the post

  2. While sitting on the board, press E or page up.

  3. Look on the Surf SL section dedicated to the C-3 Instructions

To find a C-3 Rezzer, you can check the "Best Beaches" list on the Surf SL website to see which sim has the rezzer. Likewise, the Surfsim Teleport board also lists out which rezzer is at which beach on their notecard. But we recommend you test it out in the same place Shack himself tests his products, "The Beach" at The Shack. "I established my inworld store "The Shack" where there's a wide selection of boards on sale, along with rez stations on the beach, a wide expanse of sea, a rezzing area and the Tahiti surfing waves." - Shack Schapira

To purchase your very own C-3 Surfboard, you can head inside the The Shack Surf Shop and browse the wide variety of surfboards displayed in the store or check out his marketplace store!

"During the development of the C-3, I realised that I needed to learn how to make mesh objects, so a quick 'teach yourself" 3D blender was needed. This allowed me to make different surfboard shapes for the C-3. There are now 3 main styles:- a pointy nosed short board, a fishtail and a round nose board which is the standard long board for the C-3." - Shack Schapira

The Shack C3 surfboards: 450L each

Check the black walls to purchase your very own C-3 Rezzers! There are two options: One is copyable and allows you to rez more than one rezzer within one region. You cannot rez the C-3 rezzer on multiple sims unless you buy one for each sim. The copyable rezzer is 1300L.

There is also a no-copy rezzer for 900L. This rezzer also comes in 3 unique styles, perfect to fit your beach.

Once you're hooked like the rest of us, you can begin your addiction into board collecting (like the rest of us). The Shack offers a variety of surfboards, like we've mentioned, but he also offers franchise opportunities to businesses. Find amazing surf shops around the grid that offer custom textures for an affordable price.

The Shack C3 surfboards at Kanaloa Beach: 450L each

The Shack C3 Surfboards at Wave Rider Designs: 450L each

The Shack C-3 surfboards by C&C Surfboards: 450L base board plus 120L for the design

There are also people around that love to design boards as a hobby and are willing to do custom boards for a fee of 500L. Contact Cosmos Lowtide (Allison Meiller) for a design of your choosing, she even does a lot of the artwork by hand. Yes! Its the same Cosmos that's been doing the postcards you've been collecting!

Cosmos has also attached a detailed description on how to add her custom textures to your modified board when purchasing her designs.

If you purchase a surfboard from any of the above mentioned shops, the board already functions as it should. If you purchase a custom texture, then you still need to buy the modifiable board directly from Shack Schapira. IM him directly and ask to purchase a modifiable C-3 surfboard for 900L. As with most creators, sending a notecard always helps as well. Shack will typically get back to you within 24 hours.

Now that you've purchased your own board and read everything there is to read, even practiced a little, we know you still want more. You can watch the pro surfers practice for the upcoming Cohiba C3 Pro Surf Competition happening May 22nd on Cohiba Cay.

Cohiba Cay will even be offering TWO surf lessons in May on this amazingly fun board. Learn all the tricks by competitive surfers that know how to maximize everything this board has to offer.

Check the Surf SL notices for upcoming dates on the C3 Surf Lessons. We're still scheduling the second lesson but it will be ready soon!

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