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ABC's of Surfing: Bundy Reef

Bundy Reef is one of the most famous surf beaches on the grid. Created in 2014 by Bobbi and Sally LaSalle, Bundy Reef was a nostalgic nod to the home of the Reef Riders surf team and Irish archipelago, Bundoran Reef (named after a real Irish beach).

"[Bundoran Reef ] was the first real cold water surf beach in SL , because prior to that there were mostly sandy tropical beaches. It also held some memorable Comps with large Rocks in the Bundoran bay to try to navigate around, although it wasn't first to do that" -Sally LaSalle, owner of Bundy Reef.

The original idea was to only keep Bundy Reef open for two years but it became such a legendary shoreline for so many, that it remains open today, with 3 other beach sims attached to it. The surf mecca is composed of T'ai Surfing, Chi, Bluff Cove, and Bundy Reef. Chi was the first to be created back in 2006, then T'ai in 2007. The two remained there until 2014 when Bundy Reef and Bluff Cove joined the island.

Though the sims have changed owners a few times, one thing has remained constant, each person attached is truly devoted to surfing and the community, dedicated to making sure each land has continuous surf and surfing competitions.

Rezzers: C3, C-TOO, Flow PS & PS2, HP5, LSD, Sally, SSi Short & Long, Vetox, X3

Wave: Dual Tahitis currently (but every wave you can think of is there, sleeping)

Rentals: 1 waterfront and 5 skyboxes available. See rental office for details.

Rating: Moderate

Amenities: Kite Surfing, Underwater areas to explore, Shopping, Free Stage, Info Center

Rez Area & Group Rez

SLurl: Bundy Reef

Take a tour around Bundy Reef today. Lounge on a towel and watch the waves, shop for a new surfboard from Waverider Designs or C&C, and take a peek at the Information Center created in 2017 continuously uniting the surf world with all the information on events, products, sims, and more.

You might even notice a quaint little stage during your travels. Bundy Reef always offers a free venue to anyone wishing to marry, hold concerts, or have surf events here. "I like to support the community" Sally LaSalle tells us. This beach and its owners are true examples of what makes the surf community so amazing to be part of.

Bundy Reef is a proud sponsor of the SL Surfing Association and has hosted 2 competitions a year since opening.

Postcard by Cosmos Lowtide

Plenty of places to sit by the fire after a long day of surfing

Chill with a friend at this private little camper on the beach

A perfect observation area to watch the waves and surfers

Stay up-to-date with the Bundy Reef Information Center. Uniting beaches and surfers since 2017.

C&C Surf board shop. Customizing C3 surfboards in a fun way.

Wave Rider Designs sells many different types of boards with custom textures.

Bundy Reef Rental Office. Rental Manager: Kantbe Thursday.

Bundy Rental #6 is located on the far east coastline. 1150L a week for 500 prims.

Bundy Skybox #1. Interior 495L a week for 100 prims.

Bundy Skybox #1 Outdoor area.

Bundy Skybox #2a. Interior 495L a week for 100 prims.

Bundy Skybox #2a outdoor porch

Bundy Skybox #3a. Interior 495L a week for 100 prims.

Bundy Skybox 3a. Outdoor porch

Bundy Skybox #4a. Interior 495L a week for 100 prims.

Bundy Skybox 4a. Outdoor porch

Bundy Skybox 5a. Interior. 495L a week for 100 prims.

Bundy Skybox 5a. Outdoor porch

Don't forget to grab your Bundy Reef collector's post card and FREE cork board!!!

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