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ABC's of Surfing: Bumrose Beach

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Bumrose Beach is more than what it seems. When you first arrive, you think you're on a small, deserted island with beautiful dual Dreambreak waves. Upon further inspection, you notice that Bumrose Beach is part of the much larger archipelago in the Eden region with a marina and many, many passing boats.

There were so many friendly people here, all IMing to welcome us and offer tours of the surrounding islands from the many boats scattered along the shore.

Keep the kids at home though because this beach is strictly Adult rating with plenty of adult activities and poses. Almost everything here has a variety of animations sure to please that special someone.

A short walk from the waves uncovers an adorable waterfall and lazy river. Continue walking and it opens up to the breathtaking Bumrose Marina!

Don't forget to climb the mountain to a hidden camp spot with a zipline back down to the hidden lake.. or stay up there and discover a hidden hangar and helipad that allows you to fly away and discover Fruit Islands and all of Eden.

Rezzers: C-3 & X-3

Wave: Dreambreak by Maoli

Rentals: None Available

Rating: Adult: Nude or Beach Attire only

Amenities: HeliPad, Landing Strip, Bumrose Marina, Kite Surfing, Kayaking

Open Rez

Postcard by Cosmos Lowtide

Private little lake

Bumrose Marina

Private camp spot overlooking the marina. Take the zipline down to the lake

Private hangar, airstrip, and helipad atop the mountain at Bumrose Beach

Don't forget to grab your Collector's Postcard for your FREE corkboard (located inside the stand also)

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