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ABC's of Surfing: Bluff Cove

We all know and love Bluff Cove. But for those new to surfing, let's start with the coolest feature. Bluff Cove is part of a four sim surfing mecca. If you walk from one beach to the other, it will literally feel like traveling the globe with all the different terrains, waves, and decor. It's an absolute must for anyone wanting to know all about surfing. But make sure you go by foot as this archipelago is completely C02 free so please leave your motorized vehicles and boats in your inventory!

Bluff Cove itself has a myriad of super fun features. There's a ton of different rezzers, a rez zone for you to bring your own board, multiple campfires, a treehouse with greedy, and an amazing boardwalk just to name a few things. And of course, you'll immediately recognize the famous lighthouse that's illuminated the waters for many years. Now, there's even some exciting polar bears and penguins to surf around for an extra challenge.

Dry off and relax at the super cool campfire and chill spot with lots of places to rest and possibly stay the night. Be sure to take pics or have a cuddle in the adorable little rowboat on the shore!

Also, be sure to watch for the surfing competitions held twice a year on Bluff Cove hosted by the SL Surfing Association. They'll typically post the season schedule every January and September and also send notices at the beginning of every month.

There is one rental currently available on Bluff Cove proving the perfect view of all the surrounding surf sims. There is a house there you can rent and use 236 of your own prims to decorate it. Or contact sim owner, Gia Beaumont (giavannamarie.melody) or property manager, Kantbe Thursday to add your own beach-themed house.

Rezzers: C3 V2 and WSD DoubtPaddle, CTOO, Flow Minimal, LSD, Maoli, Umi Risu

Waves: Freestyle and California

Rentals: 1 Available: 236 prims for 400 a week

Amenities: Snowboarding Halfpipe in the air, Camp spot,

Rating: Moderate

SLurl: Bluff Cove

Rezzzing: Group Rez and Rez Zone

Property Manager: Kantbe Thursday

Drop by Bluff Cove today and pick up your postcard and FREE display corkboard!

Post Card by Cosmos Lowtide

The famous lighthouse of Bluff Cove

The path to Bundy Reef

A tree house hangout with greedy platform

A very chill camping spot

Private Residence. Please do not trespass while exploring.

Look out for these adorably aggressive polar bears while surfing the many waves at Bluff Cove

This lookout post is designed for the judges of the surf competition but its a great spectator platform any other day.

Rent this house or rez your own for 400L a week with 236prim available. Contact Kantbe Thursday.

Don't forget to grab your postcard and FREE cork board!

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