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ABC's of Surfing: Blue Lagoon

Originally, when we set out to do this blog, we hoped to do very short little blurbs about each place. But so many of these beaches and products have a ton of exciting things to do that we became so excited to show you everything. Blue Lagoon is exactly the kind of place we mean!

When you land you have the option to proceed directly to the waves or take the small teleport disc on the ground to the many amazing areas at Blue Lagoon. Obviously, we immediately headed toward the waves. Grab the C3 or X3 board out of the rezzer or use the open rez area between the docks to paddle out to the dual Tahiti break. (Kite surfers you can grab your rezzer here too)

Rezzers: C3 and X3

Wave: 2 Tahitis

Amenities: Kite Surfing, 2 Balloon Rides, Jetski, Bumper Boats, boating, ice skating, gym

Rentals: No

Rating: Adult

Rezzing: Rez Area or Group Rez (Free)

Once you've exhausted your muscles paddling and surfing, head over to the gym for a nice massage and possibly an additional workout to keep you in shape for tomorrow's surf session.

If relaxing with that special someone is your idea of a perfect evening, the Blue Lagoon is just the spot for you! This Adult sim is littered with adult poses in almost every piece of furniture. It's full of private little houses for you and your date to hide in and get a little frisky. There's even an adult hot air balloon near the drawbridge that gives you privacy 1000m up. Don't confuse it with the detailed tour balloon close to the waves that will show you around the sims!

Blue Lagoon has its own radio station with a very eclectic variety of music sure to set the mood for the many dance areas around both sims. Of course, the little monkey area was our favorite! Click the large, juggling monkey for couples dance balls!

If romance isn't your thing, there's a ton of activities as you walk the shoreline. Be sure to try out the jetskis that let you go 700m off the sim!! Or of course take the adorable little motorboat all around both sims. Touch the drawbridge if you rez your own larger boat and need to get under while exploring. We should mention now that Blue Lagoon is the sim open to the public with lots of activities. Blue Marine, the second sim, is accessible to boat around in, but the owner asks that you don't bring a partner into the private residence.

The Cann!bal Copters, located directly across from the duck bumper boats, is a lot of fun to fly around and shoot your friends with coconuts (the perfect weapon against all your surf pals)!

If you circle the lighthouse in your copter or boat, you'll quickly notice one of the best parts of this sim, in our opinion. There's an amazing primitive cabin with campsite, teepee, canoe, and a private X3 rezzer. There's another hidden couple's dance animations inside the white wolf.

Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize the teleport discs will take you to a winter wonderland in the sky! There's a club, castle, cottage, sauna, paragliding and ice skating rink up there to explore and enjoy!

You'll need at least 3 hours to explore everything around this spectacular land, but don't worry, there's plenty of free places to rest and sleep. Everyone is welcome at any time (Adults only please)! Don't forget to swing by the little house just past the 911 helicopter to get your free items, courtesy of Blue Lagoon.

And of course, your favorite post card collector's item with free cork board!

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