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ABC's of Surfing: Asian Dreams

Asian Dreams is the perfect place for your honeymoon or beach get-away vacation. This Bali and Japan inspired sim is an absolute must-visit on your tour! I highly recommend you first find the hot air balloon located in the middle of the beach that gives out a refreshing iced beverage while teaching you all about Balinese and Japanese culture. Its really well done! It can also act as an amazing written tour as you explore on foot and look back on the chat as you go.

The Bali Shore

The Balinese shoreline has 3 adorable little rental huts made of straw with their own private beaches (more details on this later). There's an amazing little restaurant at the Western tip and a cute little entertainment cliff with fun games to play. Here's the breakdown of all you can find in between surfing sessions:

  • Monkey Forest: Head up the hill just passed the restaurant to explore Monkey Forest, home of the Balinese long-tailed macaque, a quaint little souvenir shop, and fun games. Not married yet but want to get hitched after your romantic weekend here in Bali? There's a Wed-o-matic at the top of Monkey Forest! Had a bad fortune about your relationship while up there? There's a Divorce-o-matic there too!

  • Warung Agung Restaurant: This fully immersive restaurant comes complete with its very own menu, bot chef, and a waiter-for-hire. Dine at the covered cafe or head down to the beach for a glorious spread on the shore. Touch the plates or the signs for a menu and learn all about Balinese cuisine.

  • Rentals: There is a "Luxury Honeymoon/Romantic Retreat" rental with tons of amenities like adult furnishings, radio control, a television, and beverages but the most impressive is the access to their yacht during your stay. The watercraft allows you to yacht to over 200 regions on the Fruit Islands continent. It also has a very romantic private Jacuzzi tucked away on your very own private beach. The cost is 397L a day for this perfect setting.

    • The other two straw huts are just as nice with a shared private beach, adult furnishings, brand name beverages, and breakfast verandas. The cost for each one is 197L a day.

  • The Fish Shack is the party venue of Bali. Asian Dreams regularly hosts parties and invites others to do so as well. They ask that the DJ own their own stream and contact Rosie Helendale to book this amazing venue.

The Mountains of Japan

As you continue past the Fish Shack you'll see a torii gate welcoming you to Japan but before you go up, continue along the shoreline to the waterfall. Click on the rocks and enjoy a ton of activities while sitting there, like fishing, diving, and feeding a dolphin that actually comes up to you! Once you head back through the torii gate you'll be instantly submerged in Japanese culture.

  • Tai Chi: Enjoy this relaxing exercise with private instructor, Zero Swashbuckler. He's handsome, but don't expect any conversation from him, he's deep in zen mode. While there, be sure to click on the kiosks and get a blessing and purchase your very own Buddha statue. There's even some yoga mats spread out for some morning stretches.

  • Onsen: Get a free kimono, sip some hot tea, and enjoy a massage during your stay at the hot springs bathing facility.

  • Zen Garden: Every perfect vacation requires relaxation and rejuvenation. What better way to do that then in the stunning Zen Gardens. Oh yea, and there's a baby panda that's totally adorbs!

  • Cliff Diving: Enjoy the end of the Japanese trail and get yourself back to surfing by diving off the super high cliff featuring a ton of great animations that will bring you down to the Bali shores and back to surfing the waves!

Rezzers: X3

Waves: Tahitis

Open Rez or Group Rez

Rating: Moderate

Rentals: 3 on the Bali Shores

Amenities: Restaurant, Kite Surfing, 7seas Fishing, Tai Chi, Yoga, Teahouse, massage, Zen Garden,

Cliff Diving, Hot Springs

SLurl: Asian Dreams

This sim is not only gorgeous but its so educational. I can't recommend this enough. We really enjoyed our visit to Asian Dreams and hope you will too! Don't forget your postcards!

Postcard by Cosmos Lowtide

Warung Arung Restaurant with Bali cuisine. Contact Guy Bagshawe to book a waiter

Dine indoors in the shade, overlooking the Tahiti break

Or enjoy a beautiful table outside that sits 8

That evil tester is obviously broken.. got an adorable souvenir though!

For when things go right!

For when things go wrong!

Rent the Honeymoon Hut and a free yacht rental comes with. Explore 200 regions on the Fruit Island Continent. Rent is 379L a night.

Private Jacuzzi at the Honeymoon Hut. 379L a night.

2 adorable smaller huts with private beaches, swim area, and breakfast veranda. 197L a night.

The Beach Shack is the perfect venue for your next party!

7 seas fishing with a gorgeous view

Click Shiva to rez couples dance balls wherever you see it.

Join Zero Swashbuckler for Tai Chi and yoga on the Japanese cliffs

Relax with some hot tea and friends at the Onsen

The hot springs are the perfect place for a private massage after a long day of surfing

Don't forget to get your free postcard and cork board at Asian Dreams!

Find the Surf SL postcard and cork board by the Fishing Shack. And an adorable postcard gacha of the real Bali on Monkey Forest!

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