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ABC's of Surfing: Ash Falls

A favorite among most surfers, the picturesque Ash Falls is reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest of USA. The foggy cliffs offer stunning walkways and paths straight to the shore where surfers can enjoy a multitude of rezzers for the perfect sets. "[We have] 2 x 64 Tahitis, 2 x 64 swells, 2 x 64 floridas, running side by side on a 200+m run length with a slower side and a faster side, with our own disco light system" Julz Perkins (currently Bonnie McMurrrray- I'm sure there's a backstory for this lol)

In addition to being gorgeous, Ash Falls is super active in saving the sea life! They've even adopted their very own Orca! Find out more at Whale and Dolphin Conservation (

Now that you've seen this beautiful sim, we know you're eager to live there? Who isn't, right?! Unfortunately, they are at full occupancy but there is a waiting list on their website!

Rezzers: C3, CTOO, Flow, HP5, LSD

Waves: Tahitis, Swells, Florida Fluffs

Rentals: 5 rentals with a Waiting List

Amenities: campfire, waterfall cove, row boat

Group Rez: Group fee has been reduced to 125L with all proceeds going to the WDC

Rating: Moderate

Hop on a board at Ash Falls today!

Postcard designed by Cosmos Lowtide

You can find everything you need to know about Ash Falls at the entrance. Information on rentals, whales, affiliations, and social media links..

Follow along the cliffside to get to the beach

A perfect spot overlooking the waves

Volcanic Ash provides the perfect setting for this Pacific NW sim

Don't forget to grab your FREE postcard and cork board at the entrance of Ash Falls and the beach entrance!

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